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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Saving Pubs Toolkit

After 18 months of writing campaigning update news for the London Drinker, it occurred to me that there are many similarities across all the pub campaigns we report on. A typical story board flows thus: pub is sold, pub closes, locals up in arms, planners shrug shoulders, developer converts to flats (sometimes via shop), ACV too late to help, planners powerless. I imagine these snippets are as depressing to read as they are to write. There are however people fighting back. Throughout London; throughout Britain. London Drinker and Greater London CAMRA want to help those people. We want to empower you to save your pub. Pub closures are not inevitable. If you value your local, you can save it. Below is the comprehensive guide to mounting a successful pub campaign. Grab a fresh pint, get comfortable and read how to stand up to the pub wreckers.

Saving Pubs Toolkit - Part 1 Ahead of the Game

Saving Pubs Toolkit - Part 2 Starting the Campaign

Saving Pubs Toolkit - Part 3 The Planning System

Saving Pubs Toolkit - Part 4 Planning Battles

Saving Pubs Toolkit - Part 5 Objections in Practice

Saving Pubs Toolkit - Part 6 Appeals, The Limitations of the Planning System, Supporting Pubs

James Watson
Regional Pub Protection Advisor