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Capital Pubcheck Update 146

The aim of 'Capital Pubcheck' is to share information about the latest happenings on the London pub scene including new pub and bar openings, name changes, acquisitions, closures, notable changes to beer ranges etc. Cross references to CAMRA's various pub guides covering Greater London are also provided to enable easy updating. Information is gathered from a variety of sources including London Drinker readers, individual CAMRA members and branch contacts, breweries, pub operators, landlords etc.

The main interest this month is the opening of a new Young's bar in the city marking the revival of the Finch's name. Belgo have opened another new outlet in W10 North Kensington comprising a restaurant and upstairs Belgian speciality beer bar. New pub openings and renamings seem to have slowed of late, perhaps reflecting consolidation in the wake of the various mergers and takeovers. For the record we catch up on some cafe-bars not previously reported. Such outlets qualify for listing in the updating provided they dispense draught beer (real or fizz) and allow drinking without necessarily expecting food to be consumed.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs, 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW -South West London Pub Guide, 2nd edition; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 9th edition.



EC2, FINCH'S, 12A Finsbury Sq. Young: Bitter, Special. New Young's pub occupying ground floor of former office block with residential conversion above, opened May 1999. Fitted out in 'contemporary style' with the predictable polished light wood floors, pine furniture, yellow painted walls, comfy purple sofas etc. Seems to be Young's response to Fuller's 'Fine Line' chain and marks the revival of the 'Finch's' name, a chain of traditional pubs acquired by Young's in 1991. Food. Disabled WC. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri, closed weekends.

W1(F), HA! HA! (BAR & CANTEEN), 43-51 Gt Titchfield St. No real ale. Latest Yates's owned cafe- bar created on ground floor of office block. Wl(S), DOME, 57/59 Old Compton St. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar, not previously reported.

WC2, DOME, 8/10 Charing Cross Rd. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar, not previously reported. WC2, MAPLE LEAF, 41 Maiden Lane. Courage: Directors Bitter; Theakston: Best Bitter. (reinstatement) (W55, U93, U144)


NW1, DOME, 18 Chalk Farm Rd. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar.

NW3, DOME, 58-62 Heath St. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar.


SW19, DOME, 91 High St, Wimbledon. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar.

RICHMOND, DOME, 26 Hill St. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar.


W2, ELBOW ROOM, 103 Westbourne Grove. No real ale. Free House in former shop unit, specialising in pool.

W8, DOME, 35A/35B Kensington Court. No real ale. Whitbread owned cafe-bar.

W10, BELGO ZUID, 124 Ladbroke Grove. No (British) real ale. Latest Belgo group restaurant with separate upstairs bar, opened March 1999. Approached along narrow corridor lined with Belgian beer bottles, between two shops. Stairs lead up to a small balcony bar overlooking a large vaulted restaurant. An extensive beer menu includes many bottle conditioned Belgian beers and 7 keg Belgian beers priced between £2.50 and £4.75 a half pint! Bar open 12-11 Mon-Sat, 12-10.30 Sun. Restaurant open 12-3, 5.30-11.30 Mon-Fri, 12-11.30 Sat, 12-10.30 Sun.



EC1, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA, Free House, closed and boarded up, future uncertain (E15, U98)


NW3, DOME, 38 High St. Whitbread, converted to Cafe Rouge restaurant (N184).

NW6, PRINCE OF WALES, 37 Fortune Green Rd. Renamed FINNEGANS WAKE, S&N, H removed (N205)



W1(S), BURLINGTON BERTIE, 39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue. -beers listed; +Greene King:IPA, not always available. The once extensive range of real ales has sadly declined (despite 5 handpumps) in this Regent Inns pub. (U97).

W1(S), DE HEMS. Now DE HEMS (CAFE BAR). -beers listed; +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Refurbished with less clutter. Belgian keg beers on draught. (W42, U53)

W1(S), FALCON. -beers listed; +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Now firmly back in the S&N stable despite the Young's signage. (W42, U53, U67)


E17, MARKET TRADERS. Renamed SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL. Ridley's Rumpus now on regularly + changing 'session' guest beer (including Jennings and Buckleys) at £1.10 a pint. (E169, U119, U144)


NW3, THREE HORSESHOES. -beers listed except Courage: Directors; +Bateman: Dark Mild (£1.20): +Hop Back: Summer Lightning; +Shepherd Neame: Spitfire. (N190, U110)


SW2, CROWN & SCEPTRE. -Younger: Scotch: -Weston: Scrumpy cider; +Shepherd Neame: Spitfire. (SW32)

SW3, CROWN. +Black Sheep BB. (SW56, U144)

SW4, BREAD & ROSES. +Adnams: Best Bitter (SW59)

SW4, MANOR ARMS -Boddington: Bitter; -Flowers: Original Bitter; +Flowers: IPA; +Wadworth 6X; +Guest beers (SW60)

SW8, PRIORY ARMS. -Young: Bitter, Special; +Adnams: Best Bitter, Broadside. (SW79)

SW8, ROEBUCK. Phone number is 0171-820 9793. (SW79)

SW11, EAGLE (ALE HOUSE). -Fuller: London Pride -Marston: Pedigree; +Guest beers. (SW88)

SW11, FOX & HOUNDS. -Highgate: Saddlers Best Bitter; +Wadworth: 6X. (SW88, U125)

SW11, WOODMAN. -beers listed except (Badger) Tanglefoot; +Badger: IPA, Dorset Best. (SW90)

SW12, ECLIPSE. -Draught Bass; -Hancock: HB. (U124)

SW12, MOON UNDER WATER. -Marston: Pedigree; -Theakston: XB; -Younger: Scotch; +Hop Back: Summer Lightning; +Shepherd Neame: Spitfire. (SW92)

SW16, HOGSHEAD. -Flowers: Abroad Cooper; +Adnams: Best Bitter; +Wadworth: 6X. (U131)

SW17, FAITH & FIRKIN. -Firkin: Charity Ale, Hope Ale; -Gaymer: Addlestone Cider; +Firkin: Best Bitter. Beers brewed at the Flag & Firkin, Watford. (SW108)

SW18, CATS BACK. -Courage: Directors; +Draught Bass; +O'Hanlon: Blakeley's Best No 1. (SW111)

SW18, FOOTE & FIRKIN. -Firkin: Garrett Ale, Wand'Ale; +Firkin Best Bitter. NB Handpump no longer used for fizz (or real) cider. (U130)

SW18, HOP POLE. -Shepherd Neame: Bishops Finger. (SW113)

SW18, LITTEN TREE. -beers listed except House beer; +Worthington Draught Bitter. Full range not always available. (SW113)

SW18, SPOTTED DOG. -Courage: Directors Bitter; -Bass: Toby Cask; -Greene King Abbot; +four guest beers. Four pints for the price of three jug offer on most beers. (SW114, U138)

SW19, OLD LEATHER BOTTLE. +Courage Directors Bitter, +Occasional guest beer (SW118)

SW19, PRINCESS ROYAL. -Morland: Old Speckled Hen; +Wells: Bombardier. (SW119)

SW19, SULTAN. +Hop Back: Best Bitter, Seasonal beers. (SW120)

MITCHAM, HOP PICKERS. -beers listed; +Greene King: IPA, Abbot. (SW146)

MITCHAM, RAVENSBURY ARMS. -beers listed; +Marston: Pedigree; +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. (SW147)

MITCHAM, WHITE HART. -Draught Bass; +Flowers: IPA; +Wadworth: 6X. (SW147)

MORDEN, MORDEN HALL. -Guest beers; +Marston: Pedigree; + Wadworth: 6X. (SW150)


W11, TUSCAN. Renamed BAR ONE ONE SIX, still fizz. Apparently previously named SOAP for a short period. Formerly EARL OF ZETLAND. (W88, U94, U131)

TEDDINGTON, ADELAIDE. -beers listed; +Adnams: Bitter, Broadside; +Brakspear: Bitter; +Hardy: Country Bitter. Beers may vary. Now an Inntrepreneur 'Free House', ex Grand Met (Watney). (W146, U62, U94)

TEDDINGTON, KINGS HEAD. -beers listed; +Courage: Best Bitter; +John Smith: Bitter; +Marston: Pedigree. Front section is now a fish speciality restaurant with bar retained at the rear. (W147, U62)

TEDDINGTON, MASONS ARMS. -beers listed except Brakspear: Bitter; +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. (W147, U94, U101)