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Capital Pubcheck Update 137

The aim of 'Capital Pubcheck' is to share information about the latest happenings on the London pub scene including new pub and bar openings, name changes, acquisitions, closures, notable changes to beer ranges etc. Cross references to CAMRA's various pub guides covering Greater London are also provided to enable easy updating. Information is gathered from a variety of sources including London Drinker readers, individual CAMRA members and branch contacts, breweries, pub operators, landlords etc.

This Month we record 16 new pubs including two new Wetherspoon Free Houses in the east of the Capital; a new Fuller's 'Ale & Pie' house in E1 City just off Liverpool Street; two new Bass outlets in WC2 Kingsway and Stanmore; a Regent Inns Free House in NW6 Queens Park and a new pub in WC2 Covent Garden. The first two of a proposed new Fuller's café bar chain have opened in SW London, one of which was formerly an 'Ale & Pie' house. The latest "l'up' conversion has opened in N1 Islington. The new Ambishus Pub Co chain has kindly supplied a list of its acquisitions from Grosvenor Inns and Regent Inns totalling 18 in Greater London - those not already reported are included in the listings below. The company has also acquired ten pubs from Wetherspoons, believed to be mainly in north London, details next month. New Irish run bars created from shop units continue to be reported in north western parts of the Capital. More pub closures and conversions to other uses are reported across London.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N -North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - South West London Pub Guide, 2nd edition; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition.



EC2, ROOM, 10 Copthall Ave. Shepherd Neame: Spitfire. New ground floor café bar/Free House opened above basement "Rupee Room" Indian restaurant and under same ownership. Cream painted walls, mirrors, tiled floor and light green furnishings. Wide screen TV. Food can be ordered from restaurant below. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri.

EC4, ST. PAULS WINE VAULTS, 29 Knightrider Street. Reverted to HORN TAVERN. Courage: Best Bitter. Hardy: Country Bitter. Guest beer. Still owned by Eldridge Pope. (E49, U121)

WC2, ALL BAR ONE, 58 Kingsway. Draught Bass. Latest in Bass run chain in former bank premises, opened in May 1998. Usual ABO ingredients including pine furniture, bare floor, clock, blackboard for menu, track from bar to kitchen for orders, exposed ventilation etc. Emphasis on food. Disabled WC. Regrettably not stocking London Pride. Open 11.30-11 Mon-Fri. 11.30-7 Sat; closed Sat evening and all day Sunday.

WC2, BAILEY, 32 Great Queen Street. Wadworth: 6X. Small Free House badged as 'ale & malt' house in former restaurant premises opened January 1998. Yellow painted walls, pine furniture, blue sofas, abstract paintings. Recorded music. TV. Thai food 12-3, 5.30-10.30. Open 11-11 Mon-Sat, closed Sunday.

WC2, BELUSHIS, 9 Russell Street. No real ale. A Free House bar/cafe.


E1, SHOOTING STAR, 125-129 Middlesex Street. Fuller: Chiswick Bitter, London Pride, ESB, seasonal beer. Guest beer. New Fullers 'Ale & Pie' house, opened June 1998 on ground floor of L shaped former office premises with 'Victorian style' apartments above. Decorated in 'traditional' style with dark wood panelling, chandeliers, tiled and carpeted areas, screens etc. Name refers to "Astral House," the former office block name. A mural of a shooting star adorns one wall. Food includes international, Indian, Moroccan, oriental and vegetarian dishes. Disabled lift near entrance and disabled WC. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri and 12-3 Sun; closed all day Saturday.

E3, LORD MORPETH, 402 Old Ford Road. Wadworth: 6X. (E91, U75, U110)

CHADWELL HEATH, EVA HART, 1128 High Road. Courage: Directors Bitter. Greene King: Abbot Ale. Marston: Sundance. Theakston: Best Bitter. Two guest beers. Spacious new Wetherspoon Free House, opened early July in former police station (dating from 1891/2) latterly used by a builders' merchants. Named after one of the longest living Titanic survivors who resided locally until she died in 1996, aged 91. After the disaster, in which her father drowned, she returned to Britain with her mother and lived an eventful life, and was often interviewed about the events of 1912. A series of panels and photographs record her life together with other local personalities and pictures of the area. Decorated in yellow and green shades with raised seating areas to the left of the entrance and non smoking/eating area at the rear complete with dusty books. Stairs lead to an upstairs balcony non smoking/seating area overlooking the bar. Outside drinking area at front and to the side. Small car park (including disabled space) at rear. Food. Disabled and senior citizens WC (with key) on ground floor. Open all permitted hours. Full pints.

COLLIER ROW, COLLEY ROWE INN, 54-56 Collier Row Road. Courage: Directors Bitter. Greene King: IPA. Marston: Sundance. Theakston: Best Bitter. Three guest beers. Weston: 1St Quality Cider. Another Wetherspoon Free House, opened in June 1998 in former travel agent and shop premises. The name supposedly refers to an earlier spelling of the district from 350 years ago, although a local history panel contradicts this by stating that Collier Row is derived from the middle English `colief meaning charcoal burner, an occupation prevalent in the area. A long bar with raised seating area and dusty books to the left and no smoking/eating area with keg fire at rear. Old photos and panels highlight local history and people associated with the area. Food. Disabled WC. Open all permitted hours. Full pints.


NW6, CORRIB REST, 76/78 Salusbury Road. No real ale. Irish Free House and entertainment centre in former commercial premises.

NW6, LA FOLIE, 53/55 Salusbury Road. Boddington: Bitter. Brakspear: Bitter. Guest beer. New Regent Inns Free House/cafe bar in former restaurant of the same name opened late June. Yellow and cream walls, light pine flooring and furniture with a variety of raised and intimate seating areas. Emphasis on food and cocktails. Recorded music and TV.

NW10, KITCH INN, 117 High Road, Willesden. No real ale. Free House/bar in former shop premises.

KENTON, LOUGH INN, 7 Warwick Parade, Belmont Circle, Kenton Lane. No real ale. Free House/bar in former shop premises.

KENTON, SHABEEN, 248 Streatfield Road. No real ale. McGowan Free House in former shop premises.

STANMORE, CONWAYS 4, 897/899 Honeypot Lane. No real ale, H unused. New Irish bar/Free House in former shop premises.

STANMORE, VINTRY, 35 Church Road.. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. New Bass pub opened in October 1997, attractively converted from former Stanmore Post Office building. Steps (or disabled ramp) lead through 2 sets of double doors and a carpeted seating area to the main bar area. Tiled and polished wooden flooring, screened drinking areas, abstract paintings on walls,-coloured glass roof light. Small patio at side. TV. Recorded music. Food until 10pm. Disabled WC. Open all permitted hours.


SW3, PITCHER & PIANO, 316 Kings Road. No real ale. Latest in Marston owned chain and regrettably bereft of any of the company's beers.

SW11, FINE LINE, 33-37 Northcote Road. Fuller: London Pride (£2.20 a pint). Fuller's answer to "All Bar One" opened late June in former restaurant, originally a bank. The second in a proposed new chain apparently intended to appeal particularly to women. Airy with a high ceiling, pine flooring and furniture and mauve settees. Bar or table service. Imaginative menu. Emphasis on wine, cocktails etc. and bottled beers for the undiscerning. Piped music. TV screen. Disabled WC. Open 12-11 Mon-Sat, 12-10.30 Sun.

MITCHAM, OAK & ACORNrChestnut Grove. Draught Bass. Courage: Best Bitter. Greene King: IPA. Acquired by Greene King from Whitbread and refurbished as part of 'Hungry Horse' chain. (SW147)


W5, MUSWELLS, Unit 20A, 102 Ealing Broadway Centre. No real ale. Regent Inns Free House/cafe bar not previously reported, recently acquired by Ambishus Pub Co.



E11, NORTHCOTE. Bass, H unused (E129, U124)


N1, CROWN & ANCHOR. Grand Met (ex Watney), closed, to let. (N40)

N1, DISGRACELAND. Free House, closed, to let. (N40)

N1, GEORGE ORWELL. Free House, closed, for sale. (N46)

N1, KINGS ARMS, 264 Liverpool Rd. Phoenix, closed and converted to flats. (N49)

N16, ALBION. Free House (ex Taylor Walker), closed and being converted to flats. (N127)


NW6, SALUSBURY TAVERN. Free House, H removed. (N207, U109)

KENTON, BELMONT. Renamed SPANISH ARCH with subtitles "Armada Bar", "Nellie Holians", and "Arch Haven" also prominently displayed. Now presumably Free, ex Allied (Taylor Walker). H removed. (W132)


SE1, GLOBE, 25 Great Dover Street. Whitbread, closed, boarded up. (SE18)


SW3, MWAH MWAH BAR. Free House/cocktail bar, closed, future uncertain. (SW57)

SW15, KINGS HEAD. Free House, H removed. (SW101)


W2, GONDOLIER. Phoenix, converted to private residence. (W59, U112)

W2, OLIVER ARMS. Allied (ex Taylor Walker), closed, boarded up. (W62)

W9, ROYAL GEORGE. Renamed ROYAL GEORGE HOUSE and now effectively a residential hotel but retaining small bar at reception with full licence. Free House. Ex Grand Met (Watney), H removed. (W84)



W1(F), VALIANT TROOPER. Renamed FINNEGANS WAKE. -Beers listed except Courage: Best Bitter + Theakston: XB. Given an `Oirish' makeover about a year ago but not previously reported. (W32, U82, U98, U106)

W1(Mar), WORCESTER ARMS. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (W36, U54, U110)

WC2, BAR ZOLAS. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. Formerly RUMOURS (see corrections below). (U54, U130)

WC2, LAMB & FLAG. -Courage: Directors Bitter. +Greene King: IPA. +Young: Bitter, Special. Now a Free House, ex-Courage. (W55, U80)

WC2, SHIP & SHOVELL. -Gribble: Oving Bitter. +Ship & Shovell: Bitter (4.5%), house beer brewed by Gribble Brewery. (W56, U131)


E2, ROYAL CRICKETERS. -Beers listed. +Wadworth: 6X. (E84)

E3, BOW BELLS. -Beers listed except Ind Coope: Burton Ale. +Greene King: IPA. +Marston: Pedigree. +Young: Bitter. (E89)

E3, UNICORN. -Beers listed except Flowers: Original Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. +Wadworth: 6X. (E93, U75)

E17, VICTORIA. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (E169)

COLLIER ROW, PINEWOODS. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (X39, U83, U119, U130)

WOODFORD GREEN, TRAVELLERS FRIEND. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Grosvenor Inns. (X114, U99)


N1, 179 UPPER STREET. Renamed MOON UNDER WATER. -Beers listed except Courage: Directors Bitter and Theakston: Best Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. +Marston: Sundance. +Guest beers. The original name was believed to have been an attempt to disguise the fact that it was a new pub to meet a curious planning requirement that it should be food orientated. (N37)

N1, CHARLES THE FIRST. Renamed CRAIC HOUSE. -Beers listed. +Flowers: IPA. +Marston: Pedigree. Presumably now a Free House, ex Grand Met. (N39)

N1, MINOGUES BAR. Renamed ISLINGTON TUP. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Theakston: XB. Light pine flooring and furniture replace Irish theme in this latest addition to the Tup chain, ex Saxon Inns. Formerly WHITE HORSE. (N52)

N1, NAGS BEAD. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Grosvenor Inns. (N52)

N2, CLISSOLD ARMS. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (N65)

N4, WORLDS END. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Grosvenor Inns. (N77)

N13, OCCASIONAL HALF. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (N115)


NW10, CASE IS ALTERED. Renamed NED KELLY'S, still fizz. (N221)

WEMBLEY, OLD POST OFFICE. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (U130)


CROYDON, SHIP. -Beers listed except Boddington: Bitter and Wadworth: 6X. +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Now a 'Wizard' Free House, ex Whitbread. (3SE250, U43, U60, U99)


SW1(P), DUCHESS OF CLARENCE. +Guest beer from Tapsters Choice range. House beer often 99p a pint. (SW40)

SW1(P), GROSVENORS. Renamed COUNTRY PUB IN LONDON (THE). -Beers listed. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Theakston: Best Bitter. +Carnegie: IPA (4.2%, origin unknown). (SW41)

SW1(P), PRIDE OF PIMLICO. Real ale not always available. (SW44)

SW1(P), SUSSEX ARMS. Real ale not always available. (SW44)

SW1(W), ELEPHANT & CASTLE. -Beers listed except Courage: Directors Bitter. +Courage: Best Bitter. Prices £1.60 and £1.30 a pint after 4pm. (SW48)

SW1(W), MARQUIS OF GRANBY. Now only open Mon-Fri. (SW49)

SW1(W), PAVIOURS ARMS. Now only open Mon-Fri. (SW49)

SW1(W), STAG. -Beers listed except Courage: Directors Bitter. +Courage: Best Bitter. Refurbished in modern open plan style with red velvet seating. TV, electronic games. (SW50)

SW10, STARGAZEY. Renamed FINE LINE. -Beers listed except Fuller: London Pride. The first of Fuller's proposed new chain of café bars has been created by converting one of the early 'Ale & Pie' ex banks, dating from 1993. For description see under SW11 above. (SW86)

SW11, HARVEY FLOORBANGERS (BAR). Renamed NEW CRAVEN. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. Formerly CRAVEN ON THE HILL, originally CRAVEN HOTEL. (SW89)

SW15, MONTAGUE ARMS. Inntrepreneur. Real ale not always available. (SW102)

SW18, PARK TAVERN. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns, ex Inntrepreneur. (SW113)

MITCHAM, HUNGRY HORSE. Reverted to SKINNERS ARMS. -Beers listed. +Greene King: Martha Greene's Brewery Ale (£1), IPA. Now badged as part of 'Your Friendly Local' chain by Greene King. (SW146)

RICHMOND, ARKWRIGHTS WHEEL. Reverted to DUKE OF YORK. -Ind Coope: Burton Ale. +Three Guest beers. The `Arkwrights' theme gets the chop from Allied after just four years and the pub is branded as a 'Festival Ale House'. (SW154)

SUTTON, ACADEMY. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (SW164)

SUTTON, HEDGEHOG & HOGSHEAD. Renamed OLD BANK by new owners, Ambishus Pub Co. (SW166, U135)


W9, EARL OF DERBY. Renamed BIDDY MULLIGANS. -Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +Greene King: Martha Greene's Brewery Ale (£1 a pint). Probably renamed in Magic Pub Co days before Greene King takeover. (W83, U98, U117)

W9, TRUSCOTT ARMS. Infamous 'real ale exhibition' pub that has changed hands several times over the years, now acquired by the Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. (W84, U91)

HOUNSLOW, NOBLE HALF. Renamed ROCK & FODDER. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. +Greene King: IPA. Acquired by Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. Formerly PALIO, MUSWELLS and ROYAL GEORGE. (W128, U90, U101)