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Capital Pubcheck Update 132

The aim of 'Capital Pubcheck' is to share information about the latest happenings on the London pub scene including new pub and bar openings, name changes, acquisitions, closures, notable changes to beer ranges etc. Cross references to CAMRA's various pub guides covering Greater London are also provided to enable easy updating.

Information is gathered from a variety of sources including London Drinker readers, individual CAMRA members and branch contacts, breweries, pub operators, landlords etc.

This Month has been fairly quiet for pub openings in the Capital following the pre-Christmas record breaking period reported last month. A new Wetherspoon free house has opened in Northwood and four Bass "All Bar Ones" in identical style have opened in EC1 Smithfield, WC2 Covent Garden, SW10 Fulham Road and W11 Notting Hill Gate. Shepherd Neame have taken over a Fullers pub in WC1 Bloomsbury and Fullers have acquired a free house in W1 Soho. Morlands and Gibbs Mew have each acquired pubs in NW8 Maida Vale and EC1 Clerkenwell respectively. Eight other new pubs and bars are reported to have opened bereft of real ale and another eight existing pubs no longer serve the real thing. Eight pubs have closed, four have been demolished and six converted to other uses. No less than thirteen have been renamed and two more ex-Magic Greene King pubs have reverted to their original names -Hooray!

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N -North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - South West London Pub Guide, 2nd edition; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition



EC1, ALL BAR ONE, 91-93 Charterhouse St. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. Another outlet for the Bass-owned chain opened early February in former commercial premises opposite Smithfield Market. All the usual contents including 'track' to kitchen for orders, blackboard menu, pine furniture, cream and green decor, exposed ventilation ducts, clock etc. Board games, newspapers and the Beano available. Food and wine emphasis but keen to retain real ale, although pricey. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Fri, closed weekends.

EC2, CHARIOTS, Chariots House, Fairchild St. No real ale. No real ale. Free house. Gay café bar in former commercial premises.

W1 (May) CHEERS, 72 Regent St. Free house bar and restaurant. No real ale. Bar and restaurant modelled on American TV series, and part of international chain, sells keg Boston beer. Location was formerly Café Royal restaurant.

WC2 ALL BAR ONE, 19 Henrietta St. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. Yet another new opening for the Bass-owned chain and decorated in typical style (see above). Opened February in former commercial premises. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat; 12-10.30 Sunday.


N1, RUSHTON'S (CARPENTERS ARMS), 21 Bridport Place. Greene King: IPA. Ridley:, IPA, ESX, Best. Beers not all available at one time. (N125)


NORTHWOOD, MILLENNIUM, 22 Joel St. Irish run free house,bar and restaurant in former shop premises.

NORTHWOOD, WILLIAM JOLLE, 53 Joel St. Courage: Directors Bitter. Fuller: London Pride. Theakston: Best Bitter. Guest beers. Weston: 1st Quality Cider. Latest Wetherspoon free house opened late January in former shop premises next to Northwood Hills tube station. Wide frontage with french windows opening onto small front terrace. One large, wood-panelled bar with contrasting seating areas including a no smoking/eating area to left of entrance and 'comfy' sofas and fireplace to the right, both lined with dusty books. William Jolle was the earliest recorded (1394) member of a local family after which Joel St. was later named. Local history panels record the growth of the suburb following the opening of the station in 1933 when houses cost £750 - £1250! Food. Disabled WC. Open all permitted hours.

RUISLIP, CAPTAIN MORGANS, 210, Field End Rd, Eastcote. No real ale. Irish run free house in former shop premises.

SUDBURY, LEPRECHAUN, 263/265 Harrow Rd. No real ale. Irish run free house in former shop premises.

SUDBURY, MONSOON, 32/34 Watford Rd. No real ale. Free house in former shop premises.

WEMBLEY, CURRAGH, 527 High Road. No real ale. Irish run free house in former shop premises.

WEMBLEY, INNISFREE, 30 Harrow Rd. No real ale. Irish run free house in former shop premises.


SE8, MANSION HOUSE, 204 Evelyn St. Reopened free house. No real ale. (SE81, U102, U125)

BEXLEYHEATH, ROYAL STANDARD, 59 Lion Rd. Renamed MORGANS WINE & ALE HOUSE. Draught Bass. Tetley: Bitter. Now a free house, ex-Allied (Taylor Walker). Refurbished. (3SE214, K205)


SW10, ALL BAR ONE, 311-313 Fulham Rd. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. A further addition for the Bass chain opened January 1998 in former restaurant premises. For description see above. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat; 12-10.30 Sun.


W11, ALL BAR ONE, 126-128 Notting Hill Gate. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. Yet another new outlet for the Bass run chain in former shop premises. Opened February 1998 for description see above. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat; 12-10.30 Sun



E2, NELSONS HEAD. Free house. No real ale. (E82, U92)

E2, RED DEER. Phoenix. Closed, future uncertain. (E84, U86, U112)


NW1, CLARENCE. Renamed DILLONS. Grand Met (ex Courage), H removed. (N163)

NW1, EAGLE. Renamed ROSIE O'GRADY'S. Grand Met (ex Truman), H removed. (N164)

NW1, HAWLEY ARMS. Renamed BAR HAWLEY. Free house, H removed. (N167)

NW1, RATTLERS. Renamed BAR ZAAR. Grand Met (ex Courage), now closed, future uncertain. Formerly NORTH LONDON (THE). (N174)

NW1, ROYALES. Renamed SPORTS DOME. Now a sports bar, still fizz. Previously BAR ROYALE, originally BRIGHTON. (N174)

HAREFIELD, PLOUGH. Free house, converted to `Childlink Learning Centre'. (W109, U48, U81)

PINNER, SHIP. Allied (Taylor Walker) closed, future uncertain. (W186)

WEMBLEY, HARROW TAVERN. Scottish & Newcastle, demolished and site being redeveloped. (W159, U50, U106)

WEMBLEY, VILLAGE INN. Grand Met (ex Truman), converted to Indian vegetarian restaurant. (W159, U98, W19, U86)


SE7, THAMES BARRIER ARMS. Phoenix, converted to animal clinic. (SE73, U102, U112)

SE8, CROWS NEST. Charrington, now demolished. (SE78, U102, U125)

SE8, GOSTERWOOD TAVERN. Free house, closed, future uncertain. (SE80, U102)

SE8, NOAH'S ARK. Phoenix, converted to solicitor's office. (SW81, W102, W112, W120)


SW6, KINGS ARMS. Bass, closed, future uncertain. (SW68)

SW18, FORESTER. Phoenix, closed, future uncertain. (SW111)

CHESSINGTON, ACE OF CLUBS. Free house, no real ale. (SW134)

KINGSTON, O'NEILL'S. Bass, no real ale. (SW143)

MITCHAM, BATH TAVERN. Bass, now demolished. (SW145)

MITCHAM, HORSE & GROOM. Allied, now demolished. (SW146, W127)

MORDEN, KC'S WINE BAR. Renamed DR FEELGOODS, free house now closed and for sale. (SW150)

SURBITON, GALLERY 68. Inntrepreneur, converted to office for builders merchant. Originally ROYAL STANDARD. (SW161)

SURBITON, TOBY JUG. Bass, H removed. (SW163)


W2, ASHES TAVERN. Renamed BAR OZ, now an Australian theme pub. H removed (W58, U107)

BRENTFORD, WINDMILL. Free house (Labatt), closed, future uncertain. (W99, U68, U79, U100)

HAMPTON WICK, OLD KINGS HEAD. Grand met (ex Courage), now converted to commercial premises. (W106, U91, U98, U124)



EC1, THOMAS WETHERED. Renamed CLERK AND WELL. Now owned by Gibbs Mew (ex Whitbread). (E25, U79)

W1 (Mar), LAMB & FLAG. - John Smith: Bitter. +Greene King: Abbot Ale. Now badged by S&N as a 'Simonds' pub - yet another revived brewery name used for branding purposes. (W34, U89, U106)

WC1, RUGBY TAVERN. - Beers listed. +Shepherd Neame: Bitter, Best Bitter, Spitfire. Former Fullers pub acquired by Shepherd Neame. Originally part of Allied Empire being badged as Taylor Walker and later Nicholsons before passing to Fullers. (W50, N30)


E1, HAYFIELD. - Beers listed except draught Bass. +Fuller: London Pride. Now badged as part of Bass' It's a Scream' theme chain aimed at the student market. (E67, U79)

E2, BRITISH LION. - Beers listed. +Changing guest beers. (E79, U110)

E5, PRINCE OF WALES. Renamed PRINCESS OF WALES. New pub sign features white rose. (E100)

E8, HOBSON'S CHOICE. Renamed MADDIGANS. Hanging sign adds 'of Mare Street' to title. (E113, U65)


ROMFORD, LIBERTYS. Renamed COLORS, still fizz. (X27)


N1, KING & BISHOP. Renamed PUZZLE. -Beers Listed. +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. +John Smiths: Bitter. Free house now run by the Puzzle Pub Co. Formerly MULLIGANS (N52, U121)


NW1, CAMDEN ARMS. Renamed CAMDEN BREWING CO. -Beers Listed. +Greene King: IPA, Abbot Ale. +Wadworth: 6X. Varying house beer, understood to be brewed by the Cuckmere Haven micro brewery in Sussex. Beers noted so far have been named `Rovers Return' and 'Randy's Revenge'. Now free ex Allied (Ex Taylor Walker). (N 162)

NW8, ABBEY ROAD ALE HOUSE. Renamed SALT HOUSE. -Beers Listed. +Morland: Independent IPA, Old Speckled Hen. Now a Morlands pub ex Whitbread. Refurbished in bare floorboards, spartan style with emphasis on food. Restaurant open 12-3; 7-10.30. (11.30 Thurs-Sat). Wine tasting. Open all permitted hours and until 12 midnight Thurs-Sat when eating. (N213)

HAREFIELD, MAD O'ROURKES PIE SHOP INN. Renamed DISRAELI'S. -Beers listed. +Castle Eden: Ale, Fuggles Imperial IPA. Fuller: London Pride. King & Barnes: Bitter. Wadworth: 6X. Beers may vary. (W108, U67, U69, U73, U86)

HARROW, SHAFTESBURY. Renamed HUNGRY HORSE. -Beers listed. +Greene King: Martha Greene's Brewery Ale, IPA, Abbot Ale. Presumably renamed in Magic days but not previously reported. No indication of original name. (W114, U98, U117)

HARROW, APOLLO. Now badged as part of Mr Q's chain. (W113)



PINNER, STARLING. Has added 'at Pinner' to hanging sign. (W136)

SUDBURY, SWAN. Renamed SUDBURY INN. -Beers listed except Tetley: Bitter. +Young: Bitter. (W146, U110)

WEMBLEY, BARRETTS. Bar now on ground floor. (U64)




CHESSINGTON, PICKLED NEWT (PORT OF CALL). Reverted to original name PORT OF CALL. -Beers listed except Courage: Best Bitter. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Greene King: IPA, Abbot Ale. Pickled Newt name retained in smaller letters presumably as a theme/brand name. (SW134)

KINGSTON, BRITISH OAK. Now badged as part of Allied's Mr Q's chain. (SW140)

KINGSTON, HUNGRY HORSE. Reverted to original name BREWSTER. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. Greene King: Martha Greene's Brewery Ale, IPA, Abbot Ale. All evidence of the Hungry Horse era thankfully removed. (SW143)

MORDEN, ABBOT. -Beers listed. +Ind Coope Burton Ale. +Marston: Pedigree. (SW150)

MORDEN, END OF THE LINE. -Beer range, now generally only one cask ale. (SW150)

NEW MALDEN, FOUNTAIN. Now refurbished and badged by S&N as part of the `John Barras & Co.' chain. (SW151)


W2, COW. - Taylor: Landlord. +Fuller: ESB, seasonal beer. Formerly RAILWAY TAVERN. (W62, U36, U104)

HILLINGDON, PRINCE OF WALES, Pield Heath Rd. Renamed ORANGE PEEL. -Beers listed. +Brakspear: Bitter. +Flowers: Original Bitter. +Wadworth: 6X. Now a free house ex Allied (Benskins) and refurbished in light pine style. (W123)

NORTHOLT, SWAN. Renamed OAST HOUSE. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Now badged as a 'Steak & Ale' pub. (W134, U107)

NORTHOLT, HARVESTER. Although still part of the generic Harvester chain, its proper name MANDEVILLE ARMS is now displayed in smaller letters on the hanging sign. Now Bass owned but remains fizz. H removed. (W134)