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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


This month sees seven new pubs reported including the latest Regent Inns Free House in SW17 Tooting; a Marston owned "Pitcher & Piano in N1 Islington and a new Yates's Wine Lodge in Hounslow. The latest Allied non-brewing Firkin conversion is also in Tooting and Bass has converted another Goose & Granite in West Sutton. Name changes continue apace including the Flamingo brewpub in Kingston and several Irish conversions. Shepherd Neame have acquired two pubs in EC1 Smithfield and SW1 Pimlico but has closed one in E8 Hackney. Eldridge Pope's only remaining London pub in EC4 no longer dispenses beer. Two more road houses have been lost to McDonalds restaurants in Southall and Longford.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - Real Beer in South West London; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition. U refers to earlier updates.



EC1, ABBAYE, 55 Charterhouse Street. No (British) real ale. A new Belgian "Brasserie, Beer & Mussel Bar" opened in former commercial premises with five draught Belgian beers and a range of bottled beers including some bottle conditioned. A Pelican Group Free House. Opens 11.30-10.30 Mon-Fri only.

EC1, BOTTLESCRUE, Bath House, 52/60 Holborn Viaduct. Courage: Directors Bitter (labelled Davy's Old Wallop). One of the Davy's Free House chain now dispensing real ale. Usual decor including sawdust on floor, wood panelling etc. Pewter tankards. Emphasis on food and wine. Opens 11.30-4, 5-8.30 Mon-Fri only.

EC4, DAVYS, 10 Creed Lane. Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter (labelled Davy's Ordinary Bitter, Old Wallop). Another Davy's Free House now dispensing real ale. Basement bar decorated in typical style with flagstone floors, dark wood panelling, wooden tables and chair and an "office booth". Emphasis on food and wine. Opens 11.30-9 Mon-Fri only.

EC4, McGOVERNS, 32 Old Bailey. O'Hanlons: Celtic Gold (3.8%) or Blakeleys No 1 (4.2%). Large new Irish themed basement Free House opened in March 1996 in former restaurant premises but not previously reported. Tiled floor, painted brown walls with cabinets full of Irish bric-a-brac, decorative wooden bar, slatted wood ceiling, alcoved seating areas. Good selection of fresh Irish food served 12-3.30, 5.30-8.30 (9.30 Fri). Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri (may close earlier Mon-Wed if not busy). Beware O'Hanlons Red Ale is the keg version.

EC4, RYANS PUBLIC HOUSE (BAR), 56 Carter Lane. Courage: Directors Bitter. Another new Irish themed Free House in former restaurant premises. Bare floorboards, prominent Irish signpost and clock. Irish bric-a-brac and rugby paraphernalia. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri only.


N1, PITCHER & PIANO, 68/69 Upper Street. Marston: Pedigree. Latest in the chain now owned by Marstons, opened in Feb 1996 in former shop premises. Raised seating area at front leading back to large long bar area with roof lights. Decorated with pinewood floor, bare painted walls, green bar and side seating in clinical clutter free style but with obligatory "pseudo-fireplace". Loud music in evenings. Food. Disabled WC. Opens 12.00 Mon-Fri, otherwise all permitted hours.

N1, RAM & TEASEL, 39 Queens Head Street. Renamed RAM BAR. Wadworth: 6X. Small dimly lit gay bar. (N56)


SE10, ROYAL ALBERT, 78 Blackheath Road. Courage: Best Bitter. Hardy: Popes Traditional. Reopened after fire. (SE101, U102)


SW9, BREWERY TAP, 78 Lingham Street. Courage: Best Bitter. Guest beer (anticipated). Reopened Jan 1997 and now run by Mayfair Taverns, ex Ascot Estates. Comfortably furnished with live music Sat and Sun evenings and Sun afternoons. Open all permitted hours. (SW36, U105, U120)

SW17, GORDON BENNETT!, 24 Mitcham Road. Brakspear: Bitter. Young: Bitter. House Beer (Hancock: HB). Guest beers (currently Boddington: Bitter; Gales: HSB and Greene King: IPA). Former job centre converted by the Regent Inns Free House chain into a "wine & ale bar" in Dec 1996. Garish yellow external signage belies toned down interior with stripped pine floor and raised seating areas. Blow ups of saucy seaside posters and children's comics adorn the walls. Live music and entertainment Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Food (not Fri-Sun evenings). Open all permitted hours.


W6, CAMBRIDGE ARMS, 54 Cambridge Grove.Reopened and renamed STONEMASONS ARMS. Boddington: Bitter. Wadworth: 6X. Refurbished in spartan style with emphasis on food. Now a Free House, formerly run by Conway Taverns, originally Grand Met (Watney). (W74, U75, U119)

HARMONDSWORTH, BLUE HORIZON, The Grove, Bath Road (opposite British Airways Compass Centre). -Boddington: Bitter. Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Marston: Pedigree. New Free House/wine bar and restaurant in former car hire premises. Small pine clad bar. Opens 12-11 Mon-Sat, 12-10.30 Sun.

HOUNSLOW, YATES'S WINE LODGE, 1/3 Bath Road. Boddington: Bitter. Courage: Directors Bitter. Large spacious Yates's Free House in extended former NatWest Bank premises. Fitted out in typical style with decorative wooden bar fittings, flowery carpets and wall paper, globe chandeliers etc. Balustrades and recesses create separate drinking areas. Stairs lead to upstairs balcony bar overlooking main bar. Pictures of other Yates's Wine Lodges adorn the walls. Emphasis on wine and food (11-6.30 Mon Sat, 12-6 Sun). Live music planned. Open all permitted hours.



EC1, BAILEYS BAR. Free House, closed, future uncertain. Formerly BILBO BAGGINS (BEER & BANJO) EMPORIUM. (E12, U76, U85)

EC4, HORN TAVERN. Renamed ST PAULS WINE VAULTS. Eldridge Pope, H removed. Now bottled beers only, emphasis on food and wine. (E49)

EC4, PUNCH TAVERN. Allied (Nicholson), closed until dispute over ownership and access by the freeholders Bass and Samuel Smith is resolved. (E52)

EC4, RUMBOE. Renamed O'DONNELLS, now a Free House, ex Taylor Walker. H removed. (E53)

W1(Mar), WESTMORELAND ARMS. Free House (Pubmaster), closed, future uncertain. (W36, U54, U91)


E3, LITTLE DRIVER. Bass, H unused. (E90, U67, U69, U72, U79, U117)

E7, GATSBY. Free House, closed and building now reverted to commercial use. Formerly MICKEY FINNS. (E108, U79, U80, U85, U92)

E8, BROMLEY ARMS. Shepherd Neame, closed, future uncertain. (E89, U73)

E16, TIDAL BASIN TAVERN. Fuller, closed and boarded up, future uncertain. (E161, U67, U69)


N1, BUILDERS ARMS. Whitbread, now converted to flats but retains external signage including reference to Lacons Brewery in tilework. (N39)

N1, MEDICINE BAR. Grand Met (ex Courage), H removed. Admission charge Fri/Sat evenings. (N51)


SE7, WATERMANS ARMS. Grand Met (ex Watney), closed for road widening scheme. (SE74) SE27, THURLOW ARMS. Allied, closed, future uncertain. (SE229)


SW1(B), BELGRAVIA BRASSERIE. Free House, closed and renamed MARABELS but not yet reopened, future uncertain. Formerly CAFE FISH and 20'S BAR. (SW11, U38, U52, U78)

SW6, BEER ENGINE. Renamed TUT'N'SHIVE. Whitbread, H removed, nitrokeg only. Formerly WHEATSHEAF. (SW31, U49, U53, U74, U76, U89)

SW6, SWAN. Renamed BOOTSY BROGANS, H removed. Converted to yet another Irish theme pub. Now run by Glendale Leisure, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW29)

SW9, BEEHIVE, 6 Crossford Street. Whitbread, H unused. (SW36, U39, U49 U105)

SW11, NAPIER ARMS. Phoenix, closed, future uncertain. (SW41, U112)

SW17, QUEEN VICTORIA. Bass, H unused. (SW50, U40, U111)

SUTTON, CORNER HOUSE. Renamed PITCHERS. Now a Whitbread "Bar & Diner", H removed. Originally GRAPES. (SW76, U98, U114)


LONGFORD, PEGGY BEDFORD. Grand Met (ex Courage), demolished and site used for petrol filling station and McDonalds restaurant. Sad loss of 30's mock Tudor roadhouse. (W132)

SOUTHALL, McGINTYS. Free House, converted to yet another McDonalds restaurant. Formerly PIG & WHISTLE, originally GREENFORD. (W142, U50, U110)



EC1, BARLEY MOW. +Whitbread: Abroad Cooper. +Guest beers on H and direct from cask. Now a "Hogshead Cask Ale House". (E9)

EC1, NEW MARKET. Renamed FROG & FIDDLE. -Charrington: IPA. (E21, U83)

EC1, RED COW (YE OLDE). -Beers listed. +Shepherd Neame: Bitter, Best Bitter, Bishops Finger. Now a Shepherd Neame, ex Grand Met (ex Watney). Refurbished with small ground floor bar having bare boards and barrel tables and upstairs bar available for functions. Beware nitrokeg Bishops Finger upstairs. Now opens 11-11 Mon-Fri only. (E22, U73, U76)

EC1, VIADUCT TAVERN. -Beers listed except Tetley Bitter. +Guest beers (currently Adnams: Bitter and Brains: SA). (E26)

EC4, HEDGEHOG & HOGSHEAD. Reverted to RISING SUN. -Beers listed except Courage: Directors Bitter and Fuller: London Pride. +Courage: Best Bitter. Now presumably reverted to Inntrepreneur, ex Grosvenor Inns lease. (E53, U99)

EC4, QUEENS HEAD. Renamed LA REINA. -Adnams: Bitter. -Tetley: Bitter. Now a "wine, pub and tapas bar" with emphasis on food, although still has some bar stools. Still an Allied pub. (E52, U80)


N1, MULLIGANS. Renamed KING & BISHOP. Now displays Greene King on sign. (N52)

N1, NEW CROWN. Renamed CENTURIA. -Crown: Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. Now a Free House/bar and restaurant, ex Taylor Walker. (N53)

N1, OLD QUEENS HEAD. -Beers listed. +Boddington: Bitter. (N54)


N1, THATCHED HOUSE. Renamed EMBASSY, still fizz. Now in cafe-bar style, evening opening only. (N60)

N7, CASTLE. Renamed BAILEY. -Charrington: IPA. +Draught Bass. +Theakston: XB. Now a Free House, ex Charrington. (N86)

N7, TAPPIT HEN. Renamed TAPPIT (THE). -Beers listed except Brakspear: Bitter. +Draught Bass. (N90)


SW1(P), NEW DOLPHIN. Reverted to DOLPHIN. -Beers listed. +Shepherd Neame: Bitter. Acquired by Shepherd Neame in early 1996 but not previously reported, ex Grand Met (Watney). Formerly MADIGANS and previously EL FLAMENCO. (SW15, U50, U97, U108)

SW3, GROVE. Renamed J J MURPHY & CO'S. -Wethered: Bitter. +Boddington: Bitter. Yet another Irish theme conversion with all the usual bric-a-brac, this time from Whitbread. Will it last longer in this guise than the short lived "American Diner" conversion that first vandalised the pub in 1984? (SW22)

SW6, ADELAIDE. -Adnams: Bitter. (SW27, U70, U98, U120) SW9, PLOUGH. -Beers listed. +Draught Bass. (SW36, U39, U105)

SW12, DRAGONS PUZZLE. Renamed PUZZLE and expanded into No 90. New Address: 90/92 Balham High Road. (U92)

SW12, PRINCE OF WALES. -Beers listed except Courage: Best Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. (SW43, U51, U55)

SW17, HOPE TAVERN. Renamed FAITH & FIRKIN. -Beers listed. +Firkin: Charity Ale (3.5%), Faith Ale (4.3%), Hope Ale (5.0%), Dogbolter (5.6%). Guest Firkin beer (currently Full Mash Mild: 3.4%). +Addlestone: Cider. Now part of Allied's Firkin chain. Beers are believed to be brewed at the Flag & Firkin. Converted in typical style in January 1997 with walls covered in brewery and church related pictures,cabinets full of Firkin clobber, chandeliers, fans etc but without the usual pews! Disabled WC. Food. Open all permitted hours. (SW50, U60, U90)

KINGSTON, FLAMINGO BREWERY COMPANY. Renamed HOG & STUMP. -Beers listed. +Hog & Stump: Hogs Ale (3.4%), Hogs Best (4.2%), Hogsmill (6.1%). +Guest beers (currently Marston: Pedigree and Theakston: Best Bitter). Refurbished by new owners and given the brand name applied to its pubs elsewhere. Now has food at lunchtime and has retained its brewery and indoor children's area inherited from its David Bruce days. Formerly FLAMINGO & FIRKIN, originally THREE TUNS. (U34, U43, U116)

SUTTON, GANDER INN. Renamed GOOSE & GRANITE. -Charrington: IPA. +Draught Bass. +Fuller: London Pride. +Just So: Bitter (house beer). Large pub renamed in late 1996 and renovated in typical style as part of the Bass "Just So" chain. Emphasis on food with tiled bar area, tables and chairs throughout and "dusty books and fireplace" no smoking area. Erroneously listed under Cheam in SW guide, although located in Sutton SM1 postal area. (SW61, U43)


W5, GUNNERSBURY TAVERN. Renamed FLYING PIANO. -Beers listed. +Draught Bass. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Watney). Refurbished in cafe-bar style with cream walls, tables and chairs with an emphasis on food. Comedy in evenings. (W72, U94)

HARMONDSWORTH, CROWN. +Fuller: London Pride. (W111, U79)