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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


This month we record brand new pubs in the West End, SW6 Fulham, Morden, Richmond, W4 Chiswick and W5 Ealing including a clutch of Bass owned "All Bar Ones" and one each for Whitbread's Hogshead and Beefeater chains. Conversions include more pseudo-Irish pubs for Bass and Scottish Courage. The Pitcher & Piano chain bought recently by Marstons now serves Pedigree as the sole cask beer.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - Real Beer in South West London; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition. U refers to earlier updates. # indicates a guest beer.



EC1, GOLDEN HIND, 58 Old Street. Reopened and renamed CENTRAL BAR. Adnams: Bitter. Draught Bass. Brakspear: Bitter. Flowers: Original Bitter. Fuller: London Pride. Whitbread: Fuggles Imperial IPA. Now a Free House, ex Whitbread. Old Street frontage rebuilt; decorated in 'bare floorboards' style. Spiral staircase leads to upstairs restaurant. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri, 6-11 Sat, closed Sundays. (E17, U75, U113)

W1(May), ALL BAR ONE, 3/4 Hanover Street. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. Latest outlet for the Bass owned chain in typical style. Formerly function rooms, previously commercial premises. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat, closed Sundays.

W1(May), O'NEILLS, 22/23 Woodstock Street. No real ale. Latest pseudo-Irish pub opened by Bass, this time in former wine bar. Decorated in typical style. Open 11-11 Mon-Sat, closed Sundays.

W1(S), ALL BAR ONE, 36-38 Dean Street. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. New Bass owned bar in style typical of the chain, in former commercial premises. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat, 12-10.30 Sun.


El, OLD GLOBE, 191 Mile End Road. Mansfield: Bitter. Wells: Eagle IPA, Bombardier, Fargo. Guest beers. Reopened Charles Wells pub (E70, U79)

BARKING, BULL, 2 North Street. Draught Bass. (X12)

BARKING, LEGENDS, 20-22 London Road. Tetley: Bitter. Formerly CONNOLLYS WINE & COCKTAIL BAR. (X12, U117)

BARKING, LIGHTERMAN, 109 Bastable Avenue. Greene King: IPA. Tetley: Bitter. (X13)

BARKING, ROYAL OAK, 203 Longbridge Road. Marston: Pedigree. Young: Bitter. Guest beer. (X13, U71)

BARKING, STAG, 82 Ripple Road. "Stag Bitter" (house beer brewed by Carling-Tetley 3.3%). (X13)

BARKING, THATCHED HOUSE (SOUND & LITE), 632 Ripple Road. "Thatched House Bitter" (house beer brewed by Carling-Tetley 3.3%). Subtitle now dropped. (X13)


SW6, ALL BAR ONE, 587-591 Fulham Road. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. New Bass owned bar in typical style in former London Electricity showroom. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat, 12-10.30 Sun.

MITCHAM, PARK PLACE, 54 Commonside West. Boddington: Bitter. Fuller: London Pride. Wadworth: 6X. A Whitbread Beefeaterpub and restaurant opened in August 1996 in historic Almonds House. Food, garden, car park.

MITCHAM, WHITE HART, 350 London Road. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. Reopened and refurbished listed building. (SW69, U106)

RICHMOND, BAR CENTRAL, The Tower, 11 Bridge Street. No real ale. New Grosvenor Inns Free House/cafe bar. Incorporates the restaurant boat moored nearby formerly named COLLEGE BARGE and now renamed BARGE CENTRAL. (U95)

RICHMOND, DRUMMONDS, 27 The Quadrant. Reopened and renamed O'NEILLS. No real ale, H unused. Yet another pseudo-Irish house conversion by Bass. (SW71, U111, U116)


W4, ALL BAR ONE, 197-199 Chiswick High Road. Draught Bass. Fuller: London Pride. New Bass owned bar in typical style in former Southern Electricity showroom. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat, 12-10.30 Sun.

W5, HOGSHEAD, 46/47 The Mall. Boddington: Bitter. Flowers: Original Bitter. Wadworth: 6X. Whitbread: Abroad Cooper. Plus at least 10 "guest" beers from the Whitbread portfolio including some micro brewery products (eg Bunces, Mendip). Latest Whitbread Hogshead pub in former wine bar. A total of 13 handpumps and 4 beers on gravity dispense. Decorated in typical style with tiled and stone flagged floor. Raised seating area to side has "keg" fire, alcoves and carpets. Pictures (of no local significance) adorn the walls. Food. Belgian bottled beers. Open all permitted hours. W11, BOLTON ABBEY, 48 Lonsdale Road. Reopened and renamed BOOM BOOM (V.I.P. BAR). No real ale. Now a Free House/cocktail bar, ex Grand Met (Truman). (W87, U92)



E2, SHIP. Phoenix. Closed, future uncertain. (E85, U112)

BARKING, HARROW. Bass/Charrington. No real ale. (X13, U74, U79)

ROMFORD, AMALIA'S. Free House. No real ale. (X86)

ROMFORD, DOLPHIN BAR. Free House. Closed along with whole centre. (X86)


SW8, STOCKERS. Renamed RED STILETTO. H removed. Now a Free House, ex Whitbread. Formerly LORD MORRISON OF LAMBETH. (SW33, U49, U109)

SW11, INVITATION. Bass (Charrington). Closed and converted to flats. (SW40, U46)

SW11, PINE TAVERN. Grand Met (Watney). H now removed. (SW41, U42, U58, U77)

CARSHALTON, ST. HELIER TAVERN. Whitbread. Now demolished and due to be replaced by new housing development. (SW61, U67, U108)


W5, QUEEN VICTORIA. Renamed FINNEGANS WAKE. Pseudo-Irish pub. H removed. (W73, U94, U107)



EC4, CROWN & ANCHOR. Renamed OLD COBBLERS (& TERRACE BRASSERIE). -Beers listed. +Boddington: Bitter. +Brakspear: Special Bitter. +Greene King: IPA. +Hancock: HB. Now a one bar pub. Formerly FLEETS and previously SPATZ. (E54, U69, U98)

W1(Mar), CASK & GLASS. Renamed VINO VERITAS. -Beers listed. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. (W34, U51, U80, U106)

W1(May), HOGSHEAD (IN ST. JAMES'). -Beers listed. +Whitbread: Abroad Cooper. +3 Varying guest beers including Whitbread seasonals and small brewery products. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri, 12-5/6 Sat, closed Sat evening & Sundays. Formerly BUNCH OF GRAPES. (W38, U79, U90)

W1(S), PITCHER & PIANO. -Beers listed. +Marston: Pedigree. Marston owned, ex Free House. (U101)

WC2, PITCHER & PIANO. -Beers listed. +Marston: Pedigree. Marston owned, ex Free House. (U92, U93)


E9, BEDFORD. -Highgate: Dark. +Draught Bass. (E119, U108)

E9, PENSHURST ARMS. -Beers listed. +2 Guest beers. (E121, U105)

E15, BACCHUS'S BIN. Beers vary. (E152)

E15, KING EDWARD VII. -Beers listed except Worthington: Best Bitter. +Draught Bass. +3 Guest beers. (E153, U63)

BARKING, FERRET & TROUSERLEG. -Beers listed. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. Formerly BARGE AGROUND. (X12, U74, U85, U106, U117)


BARKING, VICTORIA. -Charrington: IPA. -Fuller: London ESB. Now a J T Davies Free House, ex Charrington. (X13, U65)

CRANHAM, THATCHED HOUSE. -Beers listed except Draught Bass. +Fuller: London Pride. +Hancock: HB. (X39)


N1, OLD HUNGRY HORSE. Reverted to original name DRAPERS ARMS. -Webster: Green Label. +Bass: Toby Cask. (N54, U117)


SE1, ROYAL GEORGE. Now ROYAL GEORGE (BERMONDSEY). Still fizz, no longer for sale. (SE31, U112)


SW4, PLOUGH. Renamed GOOSE & GRANITE. -Charrington: IPA. +Fuller: London Pride. +Just So Bitter (house beer, 3.4%) Beers may vary. Now operated by the 'Just So Pub Co' believed to be Bass owned. (SW25, U65, U74)

SW6, PITCHER & PIANO. -Beers listed. +Marston: Pedigree. Marston owned, ex Free House. Sadly Marston Bitter is nitrokeg version. (U51)

SW10, PITCHER & PIANO. -Beers listed. +Marston: Pedigree. Marston owned, ex Free House. Formerly SOMERSET ARMS. (SW38, U51, U59, U61, U74)

SW11, DOG & DUCK. Full range not always available. Formerly SAVILLES. (SW41, U46, U95, U107, U109)

SW11, PRINCES PUZZLE. -Beers listed except Tetley: Bitter. +Ind Coope: Burton Ale. +The Puzzler (house beer 3.1%). +Guest beer. Formerly PRINCE OF WALES. (SW41, U52, U70, U75)

SW11, UNITY TAVERN. Renamed WALSH'S. -Beers listed. +Up to 3 beers from independent breweries. (SW41, U39, U78, U100, U109)

SW12, PITCHER & PIANO. -Beers listed. +Marston: Pedigree. Free House acquired by Marstons as part of chain. Still expensive -£1.10 a half! (U51)

SW19, PITCHER & PIANO. -Courage: Directors Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. Marston owned, ex Free House. (U112)

RICHMOND, BELVEDERE. -Beers listed. +Shepherd Neame: Best Bitter, Spitfire. Free House acquired by Shepherd Neame. Previously Courage. (SW71, U86)

RICHMOND, COLLEGE BARGE. Renamed BARGE CENTRAL and now incorporated into BAR CENTRAL (see 'NEW PUBS' above). (U95)


W2, PIERS. Reverted to SHAKESPEARE. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. +Theakston: XB. (W62, U107)

W4, PITCHER & PIANO. -Beers listed. +Marston: Pedigree. Marston owned, ex Free House. (U79)

W7, RED LION. Renamed PICKLED NEWT (RED LION) and now renamed again HUNGRY HORSE (RED LION). (W79, U98, U117)