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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


This month we record a number of new bars in the EC1 area, only two of which dispense real ale. Fullers have acquired a pub from Yates in W1 Mayfair and Shepherd Neame have bought a pub in Bromley. Two more pseudo-Irish conversions from Bass have been reported.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE -South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - Real Beer in South West London; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition. U refers to earlier updates.



EC1, DOME, 61 Charterhouse Street. No real ale. Free House/cafe bar in former commercial premises.

EC1, HARROW, 64 Compton Street. Reopened after 5 years and renamed COMPTONS. No real ale. Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Watney). (E17)

EC1, LONGROOM (THE), 18/20 St. John Street. Free House. Adnams: Bitter (G). New "bar & restaurant" opened in October 1995. Despite off-putting menu at door, more a bar than restaurant with wood panelled walls, polished floor, wooden tables and chairs etc. Premises previously a wholesale meat store. Black¬board advertises menu, beers etc. Open Mon-Fri 12-11, closed weekends.

EC1, ST. JOHN, 26 St. John Street. Free House. Young: Bitter, Special. Bar and bakery opened in October 1994 in former meat smoke house, latterly commercial premises. Separate restaurant at front. Bar is carved out of covered courtyard between buildings. Bare floors, tables and chairs in spartan style. Small bakery sells fresh bread, baguettes, pain au raisin etc. Bar menu includes bloodcake & egg, skewered snails and a bowl of peas! Note correct name - sign reading Bakery/Bar merely advertises the facilities and is not the title. Open Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 12-3.

EC4, SUGAR LOAF, 65 Cannon Street. Renamed O'NEILLS. Draught Bass. Converted to pseudo-Irish theme with all the usual "attributes". (E54)

WC2, DOME, 32 Long Acre. No real ale. Free House/cafe bar in former shop premises.


SE1, WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, 145 Old Kent Road. No real ale, unexpectedly reopened as a pub. (SE41, U109)


SUTTON, MORITZ WINE BAR, 2 St. Nicholas House. St. Nicholas Road. No real ale. A Free House.



EC1, BLUE POSTS -Renamed JACOMOS. Converted to cafe bar style. H removed. Breakfast now served 7.30-10am. (E13, U67)


SE1, ROYAL OAK. Phoenix, closed, future uncertain. Rumoured to be acquired by Harveys. (SE31, U112)

SE5, DUKE OF CLARENCE. Bass Charrington, closed, future uncertain. (SE57)

SE13, ROEBUCK. Whitbread. H removed. Late night music venue has opened downstairs named VOLTZ BAR. Sad demise of once thriving Fullers pub. (SE121)


BEDDINGTON, GRANGE. Boddington (Henrys Table), H removed. (U77)

RICHMOND, DRUMMONDS. Bass Charrington, closed, future uncertain. (SW71, U111)



EC4, LONDON STONE. Renamed VINO VERITAS (CANNON STREET). -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. (E50, U106)

W1(May), BURLINGTON BERTIE, 21 Old Burlington Street. Renamed O'NEILLS. -Beers listed except Draught Bass. Yet another pseudo-Irish conversion complete with off-the-shelf "Irish" bric-a-brac. Real ale not always available. (W38, U75, U90, U101)

W1(May), YATES'S WINE LODGE. Renamed FULLERS ALE LODGE. -Ruddle: Best Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride, ESB , seasonal beer (currently Summer Ale). Acquired by Fullers from Yates in May. One of the original two Yates pubs in London before the current expansion (The other in the Strand was converted to an Italian restaurant in the late '70s). Painted wood panelled walls and bare floors. Food. Open Mon-Fri 11-11, closed weekends. (W40, U90)

WC2, NAGS HEAD. -McMullen: Strong Hart, Special Reserve. +Draught Bass. +McMullen: Gladstone Bitter, seasonal beer (currently High Summer Bitter, 4.6%). (W55, U50, U92)


SE13, PLOUGH. Renamed PITCHERS. -Guest beers. +Fuller: London Pride. +Marston: Pedigree. Appears to be the latest Whitbread theme, described outside as a "Sports Bar" and "Bar & Diner". (SE121)

SE15, PRINCE OF WINDSOR. Renamed HAIRY LEMON (PRINCE OF WINDSOR). Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Courage), still fizz. Old name still displayed on hanging sign. (SE138)

SE18, WELLESLEY. Renamed WELLESLEY ARMS. +Courage: Best Bitter. Belhaven signs removed, current ownership unclear. (SE175, U103)

SE23, PIE & KILDERKIN. Renamed HOBGOBLIN. -Wychwood: Shires, Dogs Bollocks. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Wadworth: 6X. +Wychwood: Special (4.0%), Fiddlers Elbow (4.2%). Wychwood beers may vary. (SE207, U102)

BROMLEY, ANGLESEY ARMS. -Beers listed. +Shepherd Neame: Bitter, Best Bitter. Acquired by Shepherd Neame, ex Grand Met (Courage). (3SE216, U70)

CROYDON, HUNGRY HORSE. -Beers listed. +Boddington: Bitter. +Draught Bass. +Webster: Green Label. Formerly PROPELLER. (3SE248, U55, U98, U101)


SW13, GARDEN HOUSE. -Adnams: Bitter. Formerly BOILEAU ARMS, "originally" OLD RANGOON. (SW43, U50, U108)

SW14, PICKLED NEWT. Reverted to JOLLY MILKMAN. A victory for local campaigners who have been fighting to get the original name of the pub reinstated since the Magic Pub Co bought and renamed it. (SW45, U98, U111)

KINGSTON, FLAMINGO BREWERY CO. Now owned by Mercury Taverns, ex Saxon Inns. (U34, U43, U77)

KINGSTON, ROYAL BOROUGH ARMS. -Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +Courage: Best Bitter. +Wadworth: 6X. (SW66)

SUTTON, HEDGHOG & HOGSHEAD. -Belchers: beers listed. +Belchers: Bibi Best Bitter (4.2%), Flamin' Ale (ginger) (4.2%), Sugar'N'Spice (4.2%), Dina Might Blonde (4.6%), Sweet Sensation (4.6%), Taylor Made (4.7%), Newgate's Knocker (5.0%). All brewed at the pub. (U107)


TWICKENHAM, CROWN. -Flowers: IPA. -Wadworth: 6X. -Guest beer. +Fuller: London Pride. +Hogs Back: TEA. (W150, U77, U95)

TWICKENHAM, WHITE SWAN. -Young: Special. -Guest beer. +Courage: Best Bitter. (W151, U90, U94)