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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


This month we record six new pubs, all south of the Thames, one each in SE13 Lewisham, SW4 Vauxhall, Morden and North Cheam and two in Croydon. The Lewisham pub is a large new Yates's Wine Lodge, the third of the new wave of outlets in London. One of the Croydon pubs is from Morlands, following on from its first London venture in Sutton. Two more pseudo-Irish conversions from Bass have appeared. The latest non-brewing Firkin has opened in W1 Soho.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE -South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - Real Beer in South West London; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition. U refers to earlier updates. # indicates a guest beer.



W1(S), BLUE POSTS, 28 Rupert Street. Boddington: Bitter. Flowers: Original Bitter. Greene King: Abbot Ale. Hall & Woodhouse: Tanglefoot. Marston: Pedigree. Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Whitbread: Abroad Cooper, Castle Eden Ale. Scrumpy Jack: Old Hazy Cider.+Inch's: Stonehouse Cider (G). Small pub now transferred to Whitbread Hogshead chain and a very late entrant to real ale. (W41)


SE13, YATES'S WINE LODGE, 67-71 Lewisham High Street. Boddington: Bitter. Courage: Directors Bitter. John Smith: Bitter. Free House. Opened at the end of May, this large brightly lit spacious bar has been converted in typical Yates's style from a former Co-op department store dating from 1933 which in its latter days had become an indoor market. Lists of wines and beers sold together with prices are prominently displayed above the bar. The wood panelled walls are adorned with old black & white photos of Yates's Wine Lodges mainly in the north of England. There are raised carpeted areas with extensive seating on either side of the main bar. Spacious and decorative 'Gents' ('Ladies' not inspected). A covered patio has been erected at the front for outdoor drinking. Opens 10am for breakfast and food menu available until 6pm. Disabled WC. Open all permitted hours. A dismal range of beers for such a well established pub chain, given the possibilities now available and the obvious potential of the pub.

SE19, WHITE HART, 96 Church Road. Bass. Renamed O'NEILLS. Converted to pseudo Irish theme in garish yellow colours. (SE181, U102)

SE20, PARK TAVERN, 1 Station Road, Penge. Renamed HOLLYWOOD EAST. Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Refurbished and Free House ex Charrington. A glitzy cocktail bar style decor incorporating a Chinese restaurant. (SE190)

CROYDON, PALS, 13/14 Norfolk House, Wellesley Road. Boddington: Bitter. Fuller: London Pride. John Smith: Bitter. New Free House "Bar & Brasserie" in former shop unit. Decorated in cafe-bar style with glass frontage, polished floor and pine furniture. Emphasis on wine and food. Jazz on Wednesday evenings. Opens 11-11 Mon-Wed, 11-12 Thu, 11-lam Fri, 12- 1am Sat, 7-10.30 Sun.

CROYDON, WIG & PEN, 28-30 St Georges Walk. Bass. Ind Coope: Burton Ale. Morland: Independent IPA, Old Speckled Hen. Tetley: Bitter. Theakston: Best Bitter. New Morlands pub, the first of its "Wig & Pen" chain in London, in former restaurant premises. Dark wood panelling and polished wood floor in traditional style with raised carpeted seating area at side. Legal theme with appropriate pictures on the walls. Happy hour 5-7pm Mon-Fri (20% off). Disabled WC. Food 12-8. Opens 11.30-11 Mon-Sat, closed Sun.


SW2, CHESTNUT, 198 Upper Tulse Hill. Ruddle: Best Bitter, County. Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. (SW19, U108)

SW3, PRINCESS OF WALES, 145 Dovehouse Street. Reopened and renamed P 0 W (PRINCESS OF WALES). Courage: Directors Bitter (£1.75 a half! Is this the most expensive in London?) Refurbished as a bar-restaurant with emphasis on food. Yet another good pub is lost to those with more money than sense, following hard on the heels of the Queens Elm and the Rose. (SW22, U78, U113)

SW8, CAFE MONEYPENNY, Market Towers, 1 Nine Elms Lane. Young: Special. New Free House opened in Oct 1995 at the base of Market Towers. Light and airy, furnished in cafe-bar style with chairs and tables throughout. Raised restaurant area. Replaces PODIUM, a first floor bar not previously reported.

SW9, ATLANTIC, 389 Coldharbour Lane. Reopened and renamed DOGSTAR, still fizz. Now a Free House, ex Allied (Ind Coope). (SW36)

SW18, ROUNDHOUSE, 2 Wandsworth Common North Side. Courage: Directors Bitter. Guest beer. Now Inntrepreneur, ex Watney. Guest beer may increase to four. (SW54, U56, U108)

CHEAM, CAVERN, 460 London Road, North Cheam. Boddington: Bitter. Flowers: IPA, Original Bitter. New music oriented Free House in former restaurant premises. Pictures and posters of rock musicians adorn the walls. Tiled bar area with raised carpeted seating area to side. Food. Opens 11-11 Mon-Wed, 11-12 Thu-Sat, 12-12 Sun.

MORDEN, MORDEN HALL, 21 Morden Hall Road. Boddington: Bitter. Flowers: Original Bitter. Guest beers. 18th Century listed building in Morden Hall Park restored and tastefully furnished by Whitbread as part of Beefeater chain, opened in May 1996. Separate bar area with bar food and 150 seat restaurant. Car park. Garden. Open all permitted hours.

WALLINGTON, GINOS, 53 Woodcote Road. No real ale. Free House/lounge bar and night club in former shop premises.



SE16, WARRIOR. Charrington. closed, future uncertain. (SE153)


SW8, KING WILLIAM IV. Charrington. Now converted to flats. (SW33, U58)

SW11, LONDON CHATHAM & DOVER RAILWAY TAVERN & RESTAURANT. Grand Met (Watney). Now converted to a club. (SW40, U42, U43, U77, U108)

SW11, PUMP & RACKET. Free House. Closed, leisure centre no longer has a bar. (U36, U52)

CARSHALTON, CRICKETERS. Charrington. Demolished and site redeveloped for housing. (SW60, U82)

WALLINGTON, CAVALIER. Free House. Closed and boarded up, future uncertain. (SW59, U43)

WALLINGTON, MELBOURNE. Renamed O'NEILLS. Charrington, H unused. (SW59, U43, U108)



W1(MAY), KINGS ARMS. -Ruddle: Best Bitter. -Theakston: Best Bitter. +Wadworth: 6X. (W39, U95, U106)

W1(S), AIN'T NOTHING BUT. -Beers listed except Adnams Bitter. +2 Guest beers. (U91, U111)

W1(S), BLUE POSTS, 18 Kingly Street. -Brakspear: Bitter. +Flowers: Original Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. (W41, U80, U90)

W1(S), DEVONSHIRE ARMS. -John Smith: Bitter. -Wadworth: 6X. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. Confirmed as S&N, ex Grand Met (Watney and subsequently a Clifton Inns "Free House"). (W42, U90, U106, Corrections below)

W1(S), DOG & TRUMPET. Renamed FANFARE & FIRKIN. -Beers listed. +Firkin: Full Mash Mild (3.4%), Wind Ale (3.5%), Fanfare (4.3%), Hornblower (Golden Glory) (5.0%), Dogbolter (5.6%). +Guest Firkin beer (currently Beltane from Friesian & Firkin brewery). +Weston: Old Rosie Scrumpy Extra Strong Cider. Latest non-brewing Allied Firkin conversion in typical style with "trumpet" theme reflecting former name. Beers brewed at various London Firkin breweries. Polished. floors, barrel tables and pews, stage with piano, plus video screen and loud recorded music (in evening). Baps available all day, menu' until 6pm. Outside drinking area. Open all permitted hours. (W42, U48)

W1(S), RED LION, 14 Kingly Street. -Sam Smith: Museum Ale. Not previously reported. Retains handpump for OBB. (W44)

WC2, MARQUIS OF GRANBY, 51 Chandos Place. -Beers listed except Ind Coope Burton Ale. +Adnams: Bitter. +Marquis: Bitter (house beer). +Tetley: Bitter. (W55, U54)

WC2, P J MOLLOY & SON. Renamed O'NEILLS. -Bass Museum: Wicklow Ale. +Worthington: Best Bitter. One of Bass' early pseudo-Irish pub conversions, now absorbed into the ubiquitous O'Neills chain. Originally WHITE SWAN. (W57, U106)


SW1(P), ORANGE KIPPER. -Beers listed except Boddington: Bitter. +Bass. +Courage: Best Bitter. (SW15, U75, U98, U108)

SW3, RAT & CARROT (BEEHIVE). -Beers listed except Boddington: Bitter. +Brakspear: Bitter. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. +Gibbs Mew: Salisbury Bitter. (SW21, U64, U98)

SW4, CLOCK HOUSE. Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Courage), still fizz. (SW24, U39, U109)

SW4, DUKE OF YORK. Now a Standwood Taverns Free House, ex Charrington (SW24, U34, U107)

SW4, FRIESIAN & FIRKIN. -Tetley: Bitter. Formerly BULLS HEAD. (SW24, U74, U79)

SW4, ROSE & CROWN. -Harvey: Best Bitter. +Guest beer. (SW25, U56, U74, U87, U89, U 109)

SW6, SLUG & LETTUCE. -Bass. -Ruddle: Best Bitter. +Courage: Best Bitter. Formerly KINGS HEAD TAVERN. (SW29, U45, U63, U99)

SW9, COACH & HORSES, 348 Clapham Road. -Beers listed. +Greene King: Abbot Ale. +Hook Norton: Old Hooky. Now a Free House, ex Taylor Walker. (SW36, U34, U68)

SW9, DUKE OF EDINBURGH. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Truman). (SW36, U51)

SW9, PRINCE OF WALES. -Beers listed. +Bass. +Worthington: Best Bitter. Refurbished. (SW37, U43, U46, U50)

SW11, ANCHOR (CHARLIES). Now simply ANCHOR. -Beers listed. +John Smith: Bitter. +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. +Webster: Green Label. (SW39, U58, U78)

SW11, SOMERS ARMS. Address now 2A Rochelle Close. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. (SW41, U78)

SW11, FISHMONGERS ARMS. Renamed MESS (THE). -Charrington: IPA. +Bass. +Worthington: Best Bitter. +2 Guest beers. Refurbished in bare floorboards style. (SW39)

SW15, NORTHUMBERLAND ARMS. Now an Ascot Estates (ex Belhaven) pub, formerly Grand Met (Watney). (SW47, U29, U63, U109)

SW15, STAR & GARTER. Now a Glendale Leisure Free House. (SW47, U56, U75, U109)

SW16, WHITE LION. -Beers listed except Webster Yorkshire Bitter. +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. +Ruddle: County. +Wychwood: Shires Bitter, Fiddlers Elbow, Hobgoblin, Dogs Bollocks. Now a Wychwood pub, ex Grand Met (Watney), possibly leased. (SW49, U39, U58, U60).

SW17, NEW FOUNTAIN. -Ruddle: Best Bitter. +Webster: Green Label. Formerly TOOTING PALACE, GIN PALACE and FOUNTAIN (SPORTS). Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Watney). (SW50, U40, U43, U92, U112)

SW19, WHITE HART. Renamed BODHRAN BARNEYS. -Greene King: Abbot Ale. +Flowers: Original Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. Converted to Irish style but has avoided the clutter and gloominess of many of its like. (SW56, U55, U58, U60, U73)

CARSHALTON, LORD PALMERSTON. -John Smith: Magnet. +Marston: Pedigree. (SW60, U59)