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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


This month we welcome a new sympathetically converted ex bank opened by Fullers in the City; the latest Wetherspoon conversion in N14 Southgate and two further shop conversions, one each for Allied and Morlands, in Sutton. Sutton is rapidly becoming a magnet for 'new wave' pubs with all the main free house operators now represented - Wetherspoons, Regent Inns and Grosvenor Inns; two home brews - a Firkin and a Hogshead; a Bass run "All Bar One" and pseudo Irish O'Neills and Scruffy Murphys! Despite their different emphases, all have real ale on offer. By contrast, Sam Smith's, the "traditional Yorkshire brewers" have caught up with the 70's by acquiring a GBG listed pub in SW! Victoria and promptly removing the handpumps! Elsewhere the acquisitions by Hall & Woodhouse in SW10 West Chelsea; Shepherd Neame in SW18 Wandsworth and Greene King in Surbiton respectively have been reported. Silly corporate renamings continue but there is some evidence that adverse customer reaction is forcing some to revert to their historic names.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - Real Beer in South West London; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edi¬tion. U refers to earlier updates. # indicates a guest beer.



EC3, HUNG DRAWN & QUARTERED, 27 Great Tower Street. Fuller: Chiswick Bitter, London Pride, ESB, seasonal beer. Latest Fullers pub to open in former NatWest bank premises. Some of the original features including the original decorative ceiling coving, pillars and an arch have been sympathetically restored and retained. A polished wood floor, tiles, trestle benches and chandeliers help create a traditional pub atmosphere. Old photos and prints relating to the Tower of London adorn the walls and there is a gibbet above the bar. Disabled WC. Food available to 6pm and in the evenings on request. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri, 12-6 Sat, closed Sat evening and Sunday.


N14, NEW CROWN, 80-84 Chase Side. Courage: Directors Bitter. Marston: Pedigree. Theakston: Best Bit¬ter, XB. Younger: Scotch Bitter. Guest beer. Weston: Revival Cider. Latest Wetherspoon Free House to open in former Sainsbury's supermarket premises. The glass fronted entrance opens into a large gloomy, rather characterless drinking area on one level. A clump of fruit machines dominates the front area. Local history panels and old photos of Southgate adorn the walls. The floor is covered with a fussy red carpet. The name relates to The Crown which apparently stood opposite until replaced by shops in the 30's. Compared with earlier Wetherspoon conversions a rather poor effort and lacking in style, perhaps reflecting the current concentration on new provincial openings. Food available. Open all permitted hours.


SE18, FOX UNDER THE HILL, 286 Shooters Hill Road. Renamed HUNGRY HORSE. Bass. Bass: Toby Cask. Boddington: Bitter. Courage: Best Bitter. Webster: Green Label. Worthington: Best Bitter. Converted in typical style, eating area at front of pub. (SE168, U102)


SW4, ALEXANDRA, 14 Clapham Common South Side. Courage: Directors Bitter. John Smith: Bitter. (SW24, U54, U74)

SW8, SHAFTESBURY, 74 St. Rule Street. Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Now a Free House, ex Charrington although Charrington signs still displayed. Full range not always available. (SW35, U34)

SW8, TEA ROOMS DES ARTISTES, 697 Wandsworth Road. No real ale. A Free House/cafe bar in former shop premises with Leffe Blonde on draught.

SW9, QUEEN, 45 Bellefields Road. Bass. Hancock: HB. Real ale not always available. (SW37)

SW17, FORESTERS ARMS, 76 Mitcham Road. Reopened and renamed JACK BEARDS. Courage: Best Bitter. Webster: Green Label. Now operated by C C Taverns, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW50, U92)

SW17, QUEEN VICTORIA, 13 Tooting Grove. Guest beers from Charrington range. Possibly cask breather in use. (SW50, U40)

CHESSINGTON, INN ON THE GREEN, Garrison Lane. Renamed ACE OF CLUBS. Courage: Best Bitter. John Smith: Bitter. Ruddle: County. (SW62)

NEW MALDEN, RENOIRS, 10 Coombe Road. No real ale. Free House/disco bar/brasserie not previously recorded. RICHMOND,

DRUMMONDS, 29 The Quadrant. Bass. (SW71)

SUTTON, ICEOBAR, 59/61 High Street. Morland: Independent IPA, Old Speckled Hen. New Morland owned, large open plan music bar in former shop premises. A curious mixture of styles and themes including exposed ventilation ducts and carpeted sitting area, video screens and two clocks showing the time in Hong Kong and New York! Its main redeeming feature is the large selection of 88 foreign and British bottled beers set out on a beer menu, several of which are bottle conditioned. Disabled WC. Food available including breakfasts from 9am to 12 noon. Open all permitted hours.

SUTTON, SCRUFFY MURPHYS, 67 High Street. Tetley: Bitter. Latest Allied Irish theme pub created in former (Boswells) cafe bar premises. Usual pseudo Irish decor with bare boards, panelled walls, shop drawers, cabinets and stone clad fireplace. Two cosy snug bars and screens divide up the space in complete contrast to Iceobar next door. Disabled WC. Food available 12-5. Open all permitted hours.


HOUNSLOW, SUN, 148 Hanworth Road. Boddington: Bitter. Guest beer. Now run by Corporate Catering ex Grand Met (Courage). (W128, U108)



W1 (Mar), STIR CRAZY. Free House (not S&N), closed. (U110)


E3, JOHN BULL. Taylor Walker. converted to shop. (E90, U108)


SW1(W), CARDINAL. Charrington (ex Finch's) pub acquired by Sam Smith. No real ale, H removed. An (almost) unbelievable action in the light of the pub's listing in the Good Beer Guide for the last three years! (SW16, U67, U79)

SW3, QUEENS ELM. Renamed MWAH MWAH BAR. Grand Met (Courage), H removed and converted to a cocktail bar. A sad end to a once renowned London pub of character which was one of the very few Courage pubs to retain handpumps during the dark days of the keg revolution in the early 70's and was listed in the first Real Beer in London in 1974. (SW23, U61)

SW6, BLACK ROSE. Renamed ROSIES. Grand Met (Watney), H removed. Formerly BRITANNIA. (SW27, U61, U98)

SW6, HALFWAY HOUSE. Charrington, H removed. (SW27)

SW6, KINGS ARMS. Charrington, H removed. (SW29)

SW6, NORFOLK ARMS. Grand Met (Watney), closed and converted to building society outlet about 1988 but not previously reported. (SW29)

SW7, BAR ESCOBA. Grand Met (Courage) converted to CAFE ROUGE restaurant. Formerly TERRACE, originally DENMARK. (SW32, U28)

SW7, TWENTY 4. Grand Met (Watney), closed and converted to residential use. Formerly NELSON. (SW31, U53)

SW8, PENSBURY ARMS. Charrington, H unused. (SW34)

SW9, GREEN MAN. Grand Met (Watney), H removed. (SW36, U51)

SW10, HARVEYS CAFE. Renamed BULL BAR. Grand Met (Watney), H removed. Upstairs bar named CHELSEA HAVANA. Originally BLACK BULL. (SW37, U64, U83)

SW13, WATERMANS ARMS. Grand Met (Watney), converted to CAFFE UNO restaurant. (SW43, U58, U77)

SW14, MAGGOT & MAYBE. Reverted to MARKET GARDENER. No real ale. (SW45, U50, U105)

SW14, SPUR. Grand Met (Watney), demolished to make way for new housing c1992. (SW45, U61, U70, U77)

SW18, PUNTERS. Free House, now converted to Chinese restaurant. (U52, U61, U69, U75)

SW19, BURGHLEY HALL. Free House (Magic) demolished to make way for new apartments. (SW55, U42, U98)

HAM, CROOKED BILLET. Grand Met (Courage) demolished to make way for new housing. (SW63)

KINGSTON, 48'S. Free House (fizz), converted to cafe. (U32, U36)



W1(Mar), ANGEL TAVERN. Renamed ANGEL IN THE FIELD. (W33, U108)

W1(S), AIN'T NOTHING BUT. -Wadworth: 6X. -Young: Special. +Theakston: Old Peculier. +Wells: Bombardier, (U91)


E17, TOWER HOTEL. Renamed GOOSE & GRANITE. -Charrington: IPA. +Hancock: HB. +Just So Bitter (house beer at £1 a pint), Refurbished and now badged as a 'Just So Pub Co' operation, presumably a Bass theme. Food available. (E169)


SE9, FALCON. -Beers listed except Bass. +Hancock: HB. Now Bass owned Harvester, ex Courage via Trust House Forte, (SE86)

SE12, DUTCH HOUSE. -Beers listed. +Bass. +Hancock: HB. Now Bass owned Harvester, ex Courage via THF. (SE113, U103)

BROMLEY, RAILWAY HOTEL. +Greene King: Abbot Ale. (3SE219, U66, U70, K50)

BROMLEY, ARKWRIGHTS WHEEL. Renamed SCRUFFY MURPHYS (P.J.MURPHY & SONS). -Beers listed except Tetley Bitter. Now converted to a pseudo Irish theme pub complete with all the usual paraphernalia. Originally THREE COMPASSES. (3SE220, U70, U85, K50)

HAYES, GEORGE. Beer range now: Boddington: Bitter. Flowers: Original Bitter. Now a Whitbread Beefeater, ex Grand Met (Berni). (3SE223, U55, K102)

HAYES, NEW INN. Beer range now: Bass. Hancock: HB. Now Bass owned Harvester, ex Courage via THF. Harvester name prominent. (3SE223, K102)

SOUTHBOROUGH, CROOKED BILLET. Beer range now: Bass. Hancock: HB. Now Bass owned Harvester, ex Courage via THF. (3SE222, U46, K158)


SW1(P), GALLERY. -Eldridge Pope: Hardy Country Bitter. -Ruddle: County. +Eldridge Pope: Royal Oak. +John Smith: Bitter. +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Formerly PERSEVERANCE and before that QUEEN OF DENMARK. (SW15, U73, U88)

SW1(P), TUT'N'SHIVE. -Addlestone: Cider. +Scrumpy Jack: Old Hazy Cider. Formerly FOUNTAIN. (SW15, U38, U101)


SW1(W), ADAM & EVE. -Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. -John Smith: Bitter. +Bulmer: Traditional Cider. Now T&J Bernard badged. (SW16, U95, U107)

SW1(W), BAG O'NAILS. -Beers listed except Theakston Best Bitter. +Theakston: XB, Old Peculier. +Guest beer. +Bulmer: Traditional Cider. Now T&J Bernard badged, formerly Youngers. (SW16, U76)

SW1(W), FEATHERS. -Charrington: IPA. +Fuller: London Pride. +Worthington: Best Bitter. (SW17)

SW1(W), FINNEGANS WAKE. -Orange: Finnegans Irish Ale. +Yorkshire Grey: Holborn Bitter. Formerly GRAFTONS. (SW17, U107, U108)

SW3, CROSS KEYS. -Beers listed. +Ruddle: County. +Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. Now a food orientated pub. (SW21, U80)

SW3, MAN IN THE MOON. -Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. (SW22, U51, U53, U80, U107)

SW6, HARWOOD ARMS. -Courage: Best Bitter. -Ruddle: County. (SW28, U59, U74, U76)

SW6, PICKLED PELICAN. -Beers listed except Ruddle Best Bitter. +Boddington: Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. +Wadworth: 6X. +Guest beers. Now a Free House, ex Grand Met (Watney). Formerly WATERFORD. (SW29, U49)

SW6, SALISBURY TAVERN. -Beers listed except Courage: Best Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. (SW29 U32, U70, U72, U74)

SW6, WHEATSHEAF. Renamed SPORTING RAT (THE WHEATSHEAF). -Beers listed. +Bass. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Webster: Green Label. (SW29, U98)

SW6, WILTON ARMS. -Courage: Directors Bitter. +Young: Bitter. (SW31, U60, U73)

SW7, ANGLESEA ARMS. -Wadworth: 6X. +Marston: Pedigree. (SW3I , U61, U83, U91, U101)

SW7, STANHOPE ARMS. -Beers listed. +John Smith: Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. +Wadworth: 6X. Formerly STANHOPE TAVERN. (SW32, U107)

SW9, NEW QUEENS HEAD. Renamed GALLEONS, still fizz. (SW36)

SW9, RAILWAY HOTEL. Renamed BRADYS OF BRIXTON, still fizz. (SW37, U70, U88)

SW10, WORLDS END DISTILLERY. -Beers listed except Wadworth 6X. +Gribble: Black Adder II (5.8%). +Hall & Woodhouse:Badger Best Bitter, Hard Tackle, Tanglefoot. Acquired by Hall & Woodhouse in 1995 from Regent Inns. (SW38, U74, U80, U99)

SW12, BALHAM HOTEL. Renamed CLOUSEAU'S. -Charrington: IPA. +Bass. (SW42)

SW14, JOLLY MILKMAN. Renamed PICKLED NEWT. -Beers listed. +Flowers: Original Bitter. +Webster: Green Label. (SW45. U98)

SW18, HOP POLE. -Beers listed. +Shepherd Neame: Bitter, Spitfire Ale. Bishops Finger. Free House (originally Truman) acquired by Shepherd Neame. (SW51. U98)

CHESSINGTON, PORT OF CALL. Renamed PICKLED NEWT (PORT OF CALL). -Courage: Directors Bitter. +Bass. +Boddington: Bitter. +Webster Green Label. (SW62, U98)

HAM, HAND & FLOWER. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. (SW63, U77)

KINGSTON. LADY JANE. Renamed L.J's +Courage: Directors Bitter. Still believed to be tied to former Grand Met beers. not free as previonsh reported. Originally LIVERPOOL ARMS (SW66, U99, U102)

KINGSTON, NORBITON. Renamed NORBITON & DRAGON. -Beers hoed except Tetley Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Wadworth: 6X. Now a 'Dragon' Free House. ex Grand Met (Watney). (SW66, U68)

NEW MALDEN, GARDEN. Renamed B-WON. -Beers listed except Courage: Best Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Varying guest beer. Now an oriental cocktail bar and restaurant. Formerly CLOUD BUSTER. (SW70, U43, U60, U68)

RICHMOND, CROWN. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. (SW71)

SURBITON, PRINCE OF WALES. Renamed NEW PRINCE. -Charrington: IPA. +Greene King: IPA, Abbot Ale. +Shepherd Neame: Bishops Finger. +Theakston: Best Bitter. +Varying guest beer. Now a Free House, ex Charrington. (SW74)

SURBITON, OAK TAVERN. Reverted to OAK. -Beers listed. +Greene King: IPA, Abbot Ale. Now Greene King, ex Charrington. (SW74, U60)