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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


This month we welcome the opening of the latest Wetherspoon Free House in SW19 Wimbledon. The onward march of the Irish theme pub continues across London with Greene King joining the fray with a conversion in SW1 Victoria. Bass and Scottish & Newcastle have converted more pubs to the Irish theme, albeit real ales are retained in a subsidiary role. Even that former mecca of real ales the Sun, WC1 has fallen victim to the trend. A comprehensive update to the recently published North London pub guide, including omissions, errors and changes is also included.

The numbers in brackets after each entry refer to the page number in the following guides: E - East London & City Beer Guide, 3rd edition; K - 'Real Ale Drinkers Guide to Kent Pubs', 8th edition; N - North London Beer Guide, 3rd edition; SE - South East London Pub Guide, 4th edition; 3SE - South East London Pub Guide, 3rd edition; SW - Real Beer in South West London; W - Real Beer in West London; X - Essex Beer Guide, 8th edition. U refers to earlier updates. # indicates a guest beer.



EC4, BIERREX, 2/3 Creed Lane. New European beer bar/Free House in former commercial premises. Many Belgian and German beers in bottle and a complementary food menu. Open 7.30 for breakfast through to 1 1pm Mon-Fri, closed Sat & Sun.

W1(S), WAXY O'CONNOR'S, 14-16 Rupert Street. No real ale. Very large Irish themed Free House on 3 levels, ground floor and 2 basement bars in former restaurant premises.


E10, WILLIAM THE FOURTH, 816 High Road, Now WILLIAM THE FOURTH WINE BAR. Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. Fuller: London Pride, ESB. Tetley: Bitter. Wadworth: 6X. A major refurbishment and despite its name still a pub. Reinstatement. (E125, U85)

E11, CUBE, 762 High Road. Renamed O'NEILL'S (ANNIE McNAMARA'S). Bass. Hancock: HB. Formerly a music venue open only at weekends and before that the GREEN MAN. The building has been divided into two and fitted out as an Irish theme pub (O'Neill's) with an adjoining Irish music venue (Annie McNamara's) for which there is an admission charge. O'Neill's is fitted out in typical "Irish" style with screens (some imported from Ireland), bare boards etc. Annie McNamara's is in similar "woody" style with a stage. The latter is only open Wed to Sun evenings. The Cube was omitted from the E guide. Still a Bass pub. O'NEILL'S is open all permitted hours.

E11, HALFWAY HOUSE. No real ale. Reopened under new management. (E128, U108)


SE8, NOBODY'S INN, 2 New King Street. Reopened and reverted to HARP OF ERIN. King & Barnes: 12 Bore Country Bitter. Beer Line Supplies: Tavern IPA (origin unknown). Formerly ROUND THE BEND. (SE82, E103)


SW7, KAVANAGHS, 108a Old Brompton Road. No real ale. H unused. Free House. New Irish basement bar which leads through to Jury's Kensington Hotel, Queens gate, under the same management.

SW11, VICTORIA, 57 Battersea Bridge Road. Reopened and renamed VALHALLA. No real ale. Now a Free House/bar and restaurant. Formerly VICTORIA ARMS. (SW41, U39, U43, U 108)

SW19, JJ'S BAR CAFE, 105-109 The Broadway. Young: Bitter, Special. Bar and cafe next to Wimbledon Theatre on two levels. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri, 4-11 Sat, 6-10.30 Sun. Happy hours 5-7 Mon-Sat, 7-8 Sun. Note full title. (U80)

SW19, WIBBAS DOWN INN, 6-12 Gladstone Road. Courage: Directors Bitter. Marston: Pedigree. Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. Younger: Scotch Bitter. Guest beers at all times. Weston: Scrumpy Cider. Large Wetherspoon Free House, decorated in typical style with local history panels, dusty books etc. Raised seating area at side. Rear links through to smaller bar and second entrance in Russell Road opposite Wimbledon Theatre. Disabled toilet. Food. Open all permitted hours.



E2, GREEN GATE. Taylor Walker, closed and converted to a shop (E81)

E2, MONTYS. Free House converted to flats. Originally GOSSET ARMS. (E82)

E11, LINCOLN. Renamed BIG HAND MO'S. H removed. Now S&N "baseball" theme pub. (E129, U89, U106)


SE1, WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. Grand Met (Watney) closed, for lease as commercial unit. (SE41)

SE6, SONNIES. Site developed for food store. (SE65, U105, U106)

SE8, WOODMAN. Grand Met (Courage) now demolished to make way for food store. (SE82, U104)



WC1, SUN. Renamed FINNEGANS WAKE. -Beers listed. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. Converted into a S&N Irish theme pub. A sad end to what was once the real ale mecca of London. (N30, W51, U75, U106)


E2, PERSEVERANCE, 125 Gosset Street. Renamed PERS (THE). Now open only in evenings. (E83)

E11, BUGSYS. Renamed BROADWAY, formerly DIRTY NELLIES. (E128, U76)


SE3, THREE TUNS. Renamed O'NEILL'S. -Hancock: HB. Refurbished/as an Irish theme pub complete with bare boards. bench tables, partitions and Irish bric-a-brac. (SE49)

SE23, DARTMOUTH ARMS. -Young: Special. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Dartmouth: Bitter (3.2%) believed to be Courage: Bitter Ale. (SE205)

CROYDON, EAST CROYDON STATION. Bars on platforms 3/4 and 5/6 now both named QUICKSNACK, still fizz. Additional bar with same name on platform 1/2 also fizz. (3SE241. U54)


SW1(W), UNICORN, 69 Victoria Place. Renamed MOLLY O'GRADY'S. -Rayment: BBA. Greene King pub now converted with an Irish theme. Note full address. (U35)

SW4, CLOCK HOUSE. Now only opened in evenings. (SW24, U39)

SW4, ROSE & CROWN. +Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter. +Guest beers. (SW25, U56, U74, U87, U89)

SW4, SUN. -Charrington: IPA. +Fuller: London Pride. Now operated by Helmshire Ltd on lease from Charringtons. (SW25)

SW8, STOCKERS. -Flowers: Original Bitter. +Boddington: Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Full range not always available and may vary. Formerly LORD MORRISON OF LAMBETH. (SW33, U43, U49, U55) SW11, CEDARS. Now Ascot Estates who have taken over the Belhaven pubs. (SW39, U68, U70, U88)

SW11, CORNET. -John Smith: Bitter. Now run by Regent Inns, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW39, U70, U100)

SW11, CROWN. -Flowers: Original Bitter. +Courage: Best Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Wadworth: 6X. Now a T.W.Guest Free House, ex Grand Met (Truman). (SW39, U39, U70)

SW11, DOG & DUCK. -Courage: Best Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter. Formerly SAVILLES. (SW41, U46, U91, U107)

SW11, GREYHOUND. Now Marr Taverns. ex Charrington. still fizz. (SW40, U33, U34. U36, U42, U43)

SW11, NORTHCOTE.-Ruddle: Best Bitter. (SW41, U52. U61 , U107)

SW11, PRINCE ALBERT. -Beers listed. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. +Guest beers. (SW41, U39, U71, U107)

SW11, RAVEN. -Courage: Directors Bitter. +Bass. +Courage: Best Bitter. Now Phoenix Inns, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW41, U78)

SW11, RISING SUN. Now run by Merlin Inns, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW41, U39, U78)

SW11, STAG. -Beers listed. +John Smith: Bitter. +Webster: Green Label. (SW41, U39, U78)

SW11, UNITY TAVERN. +Thatchers: Cider. Beer range varies. (SW41, U39, U78, U100)

SW11, WINDSOR CASTLE. +Guest beer from Theakston range. (SW41, U60, U91, U107)

SW11, WOODMAN. -Beers listed except Hall & Woodhouse: Badger Best Bitter. Tanglefoot. +Hall & Woodhouse: Hard Tackle. +5 Guest beers. (SW41, U32, U53, U59, U78)

SW15, ARAB BOY TAVERN. -Beers listed. +Bass. +Boddington: Bitter. (SW46, U73, U98, U105)

SW15, CEDAR TREE. -Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. +Theakston: XB. (SW46, U57, U107)

SW15, JOLLY GARDENERS. -Wadworth: 6X. +1 Guest beer. (SW46. U48. U87)

SW15, KINGS HEAD. -Beers listed. +Worthington: Best Bitter. Now run by European Leisure, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW46, U50. U60, U73)

SW15 NORTHUMBERLAND ARMS. -Beers listed. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Ruddle: Best Bitter. (SW47, U29, U63)

SW15, SPENCER ARMS. -Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. (SW47, U107)

SW15, STAR & GARTER. -Courage: Best Bitter. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Tetley: Bitter. Now run by Glendale Leisure, ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW47, U56, U75)

SW15, TELEGRAPH. -Beers listed. +John Smith: Bitter. +Marston: Pedigree. +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. +Young: Special. (SW47, U56, U107)

SW16, EARL FERRERS. -Fuller: London Pride. +Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Now run by Kerry Commercial. ex Grand Met (Courage). (SW48, U34, U71)

SW16, GENEVIEVE. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter. (SW48, U39. U53. U107)

SW16, GREYHOUND BREWERY. -Greyhound: Pedigree XXX Mild. Easter Brew. +Greyhound: Dynamite. +Specials from time to time. (SW48, U62)

SW16, ROSE & CROWN. -Beers listed. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +John Smith: Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. (SW49, U49, U107)

SW17, KINGS HEAD. -Beers listed. +Theakston: Best Bitter. XB, Old Peculier. (SW50, U29, U43, U107)

SW17, RAILWAY BELL. -Beers listed. +Ruddle: Best Bitter, County. (SW50, U29, U80)

SW17, WHEATSHEAF. -Beers listed. +Ruddle: Best Bitter. Now run by Stanwood Taverns. (SW50, U58)

SW18, SPINNING WHEEL II. Reverted to a pub, still fizz. (SW51, U46, U54, U98)

SW19, FOX & GRAPES. -Eldridge Pope: Dorchester Bitter. +Guest beers. Now operated by Joe's Ltd. (SW55, U72)

SW19, KING OF DENMARK. +Theakston: XB. (SW56, U107)

SW19, NELSON ARMS. -Young: Special. +Bass. +Worthington: Best Bitter. +Young: Bitter. Now run by Bassett Inns. (SW56, U32. U43, U66, U68)

SW19, OLD LEATHER BOTTLE. -Beers listed. +Theakston: Best Bitter. XB. +Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +2 Guest beers. (SW56, U28, U59, U67, U107)

SW19, PRINCE OF WALES, 2 Hartfield Road. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. Directors Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter. XB, Old Peculier. +Guest beers. +Bulmer: Traditional Cider. (SW56, U52)

SW19, ROYAL STANDARD. +Greene King seasonal beers. (SW56, U48, U87)

SW19, SWAN. -Ruddle: Best Bitter, County. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. Old Peculier. +Guest beers. +Bulmer: Traditional Cider. (SW56, U28, U70, U80, U107)

SW19, WOODMAN. -Ruddle: County. +Theakston: Best Bitter. (SW56, U29, U34, U43, U49, U107)

SW20, EMMA HAMILTON. -Beers listed except Ruddle: Best Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter. (SW59, U39, U74, U107)

SW20, RAYNES PARK TAVERN. -Ruddle: Best Bitter, County. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter. (SW59, U59, U80. U107)

KINGSTON, BREWSTER. Renamed HUNGRY HORSE. -Beers listed. +Bass. +Boddington: Bitter. +Webster: Green Label. (SW64, U98)

MORDEN, BEVERLEY. -Ruddle: County. +Theakston: XB, (SW70, U34, U53, U107)


The North London Pub Guide (3rd edition) was published in August 1995 and covers WC1; the N and NW postal districts; outer parts of north London in Barnet and Enfield Boroughs and Edgware in outer north west London. The major part of outer north west London (eg. Harrow) is included in the west London guide which also duplicates WC1 - confused? The listings below are a compendium of all known information to bring the guide up to date and not only includes omissions and errors but also reiterates additions, deletions and changes published in recent updates as well as additional, so far unpublished, information. The entriesare cross referenced to the relevant page numbers in the guide.



WC1, CITTIE OF YORK. -Sam Smith: Museum Ale. (N19)

WC1, CROWN. Sam Smith. H removed (N21)

WC1, DOLPHIN, 47 Tonbridge Street. Courage: Best Bitter. Ruddle: Best Bitter. Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. For description see W guide, p46. (N21)


WC1, DUKES HEAD, Marlborough Hotel. Bass. For description see U108. Note correct title of hotel (N22)

WC1, FALKLAND ARMS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N22)

WC1, FRIEND AT HAND. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N22)

WC1, JEREMY BENTHAM. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N23)

WC1, JOHNSTON'S (OF BLOOMSBURY), Forte Crest Hotel, Coram Street. Free House/bar open to public. No real ale. Omitted in error. Formerly DICKENS INN (See W46, U108)

WC1, MALBOROUGH ARMS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N24)

WC1, MOON. Renamed MURPHYS MOON. Now a Magic Pub Co Irish theme pub. -Beers listed except Boddington: Bitter. +Theakston: XB. (N25)

WC1, NORFOLK ARMS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N25)

WC1, WHITE HART. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N32)

WC1, SUN. Renamed FINNEGANS WAKE. See main listing above. (N30)


N1, ADMIRAL KEPPEL. Was acquired by Wiltshire (now part of United Breweries) from Charrington in 1992. Now closed, future uncertain. (N37)

N1, ALBION. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N37)

N1, COCK. Should have read COCK TAVERN. Renamed HEDGEHOG & HOGSHEAD. -Beers listed. +Belcher: Original, Best Bitter. +Courage: Directors Bitter. +Wadworth: 6X. For description see U 107. (N40)

N1, DIVAS, Building Design Centre, Berners Street. Free House. No real ale. First floor bar, part of Royal Agricultural Hall complex. Open evenings only. Omitted in error.

N1, DUKE OF WELLINGTON, 71 Nile Street. Ruddle: Best Bitter. 2 Guest beers (1 from Whitbread group, 1 independent). Adventurous range of guests and all beers £1.30 a pint!. Licensee is a CAMRA member. (N41)

N1, DUKE OF WELLINGTON, 74 Richmond Avenue. Should be listed after DUKE OF WELLINGTON. 71 Nile Street. (N41)

N1, GEORGE IV, 60 Copenhagen Street. +Thwaites: Bitter (£1.10 a pint), Craftsman. Reverted to Thwaites and currently for sale. (N46)

N1, LADY MILDMAY. Free House, closed, future uncertain. (N50)

N1, KENILWORTH CASTLE. Renamed CORLEYS TAVERN. Now Irish themed, still fizz. (N48)

N1, MARKET TAVERN, 2 Essex Road. Renamed FINNEGANS WAKE. Theakston: XB. Beware Scrumpy Jack cider on H. (N51)

N1,POTTERS BAR. Renamed NORTHERN BAR. -Fremlins: Bitter. -Whitbread: Pompey Royal. +Flowers: IPA. Listed incorrectly under NW1 in guide. (N172)

N1, PRINCE ALBERT, 29 Elmore Street. Webster: Green Label. A Grand Met (Courage) pub. Wood panelled two bar local. Omitted in error.

N1, RYDONS. Former Shepherd Neame pub converted to residential use. (N57)

N1, WOODVILLE ARMS. Grand Met (Courage), closed and under conversion probably to residential. (N62)

N1, YORK TAVERN. Renamed COOPERS. +Guest beer. (N62)

N2, FIVE BELLS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N66)

N3, MINSTREL. Renamed FERRET & TROUSERLEG. An ale/cafe bar. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N69)

N3, QUEENS HEAD. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N70)

N5, WHITE HOUSE. Renamed CASTLE (THE). (N79)

N6, WOODMAN. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N83)

N7, DUKE OF WELLINGTON. Carried forward from the previous guide. As reported in U53, this pub was demolished by 1977! (N86)

N7, ENKLE ARMS. Should read ENKEL ARMS. (N86)

N7, FAVOURITE, is a Free House, not Grand Met. (N87)

N7, GIN PALACE. This entry became confused with the WHITE HORSE, 36 Market Road which has been renamed GIN PALACE and is now closed (see N91). The LAMB TAVERN, North Road, to which this entry refers has not been renamed, is open and sells Fuller: London Pride and Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. (N88)

N7, HERCULES TAVERN - BARRAS & CO. Should read HERCULES (THE). Barras & Co is the name of the chain and not part of the title. (N87)

N7, LION HOTEL. Now LION (BEER ENGINE). Courage: Directors Bitter. Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Whitbread: WCPA (£1 per pint). Refurbished. (N88)

N7, MOYNIHAN ARMS. Address should read 83-91 Georges Road. (N88)

N7, NEWMARKET (ALE HOUSE). Listed incorrectly under NW 1 in error. (N 170)

N7, TOLLINGTON. Acquired by Greene king in 9/93. No real ale, H unused. (N91)

N7, WHITE HORSE. Renamed GIN PALACE and now closed, future uncertain. (N91)

N8, QUEENS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N95)

N8, WELLINGTON. Listed incorrectly under N22 in error. (N157) N9, EXHIBITION. Address should read 49/51 South Mall (N99)

N9, HORSE & GROOM. Renamed TUDOR TAVERN INN, still fizz, (N104)

N10, JOHN BAIRD. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N104)

N10, RAT & CARROT. Is subtitled (THE MINSTREL). (N104) N10, RICHIES. Should read RITCHIES. (N104)

N11, GROVE. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N107)


N11, RAT & CARROT. Is subtitled (THE DUCK). (N109)

N13, BIRD IN HAND. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N115)

N13, FOX. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N115)

N13, INN ON THE GREEN. 295 Green Lanes. Boddington: Bitter. Flowers: IPA. Marston: Pedigree. For description see U108. (N115)

N14, CHERRY TREE (YE OLD). Should read CHERRY TREE (YE OLDS). (N119)

N14, SOUTHGATE. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N120)

N14, WOOLPACK. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N 120)

N15, LORD PALMERSTON. Has retained its name, H removed. (NI 25)

N15, MANNIONS PRINCE ARTHUR. Is a Free House, ex Grand met (Truman) in 1990. (N125)

N16, MONARCH.n Theakston: Best Bitter, XB. Refurbished Labatts pub (previously known as Maritime Taverns). (N129)

N17, BEEHIVE. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N 133)

N17, GUILDED CAGE. Should read GILDED CAGE. (M134)

N17, PLOUGH. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N135)

N17, WHITE HART (HENNELLEYS). Delete subsidiary title. The pub is however a Hennelly Taverns Free House. (N134)

N18, MR. B'S. Taylor Walker, now demolished. (N139)

N19, NORFOLK ARMS. Whitbread, closed, future uncertain. (N144)

N19, PICKLED NEWT (NEW BRUNSWICK). +Bass. +Boddington: Bitter. (N144)

N20, CAVALIER. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N147)

N20, WOODMAN. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N148)

N21, CHASESIDE. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N151)

N21, QUEENS HEAD. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N153)

N22, PARK INN, 12 Palace Gates. Courage: Best Bitter. Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Wadworth: 6X. For description see U108. (N156)


N22, RAT & CARROT (TJB). Should read RAT & CARROT (TJB'S). (N157)

N22, WELLINGTON. Should be under N8. (N157)

ENFIELD (EN1), BULLDOG, 170 Bullsmoor Lane. Charrington. No real ale. Omitted in error.

ENFIELD (EN1), PLOUGH. Address is 155 Turkey Street. (N230)

ENFIELD (EN1), SALISBURYS. Reverted to SALISBURY and then renamed HUNGRY HORSE. Bass. Boddington: Bitter. Webster: Green Label. Magic Free House, ex Grand Met (Watney)(N230)

ENFIELD (EN2), JOLLY FARMERS. Address should read 92 Enfield Road. (N235)

ENFIELD (EN2), MOON UNDER WATER. Address is 115/117 Chase Side (N236)

ENFIELD (EN2), ROSE & CROWN. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N237)

ENFIELD (EN2), STAG. Address should read 31 Little park Gardens. (N237)


NW1, ALLSOP ARMS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N161)

NW1, ANCHOR. Morland: Old Speckled Hen. Is a Whitbread, not a Wells pub. Wood panelled local. (N161)

NW1, BUCKS HEAD, renamed HARVEY FLOOR-BANGERS. -Beers listed. +Brakspear: Bitter. +Bucks: Best Bitter (house beer). +Courage: Best Bitter. Now a Regent Inns Free House. Description in U107. (N162)

NW1, COBDEN ARMS. Address is 28/30 Camden High Street. (NI63)

NW1, GLOBE, 47 Lisson Grove. -Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +Fuller: London Pride. +John Smith: Bitter. (N166)

NW1, GLOBE, 43-47 Marylebone Road. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. Note correct address. (N166)

NW1, GREEN MAN. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N 167)

NW1, HENNELLYS. -Beers listed. +Courage: Best Bitter. +Wychwood: Best Bitter. Now a Wychwood pub. Wychwood beers may vary. (N168)

NW1, NEWMARKET ALE HOUSE. Should be listed under N7. (N170)

NW1, PICKLED NEWT. Also displays subsidiary name (UNICORN). (N171)

NW1, PONTEFRACT CASTLE. Renamed CHAPEL (THE). -Beers listed except Bass. +Guest beer. Converted with bare boards style and emphasis on food and wine. (N172)

NW1, POTTERS BAR. Should be listed under NI . See NI for detailed changes. (N172)

NW1, QUEENS HEAD & ARTICHOKE. -Courage: Directors Bitter. +Mansfield: Kingston, 3KB. +Wadworth: 6X. Guest beers vary. (N173)

NW3, BELSIZE TAVERN. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N184)

NW3, NORTH STAR TAVERN. Now simply NORTH STAR. -Beers Listed +Courage: Best Bitter, Directors Bitter. +Theakston: Best Bitter, XB, Old Peculier. Guest beers. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N188)

NW3, OLD ORLEANS. Was Grand met, not Free, now S&N. (N189)

NW3, SWISS COTTAGE (YE OLDE). Sam Smith, H removed. (N190)

NW4, LOAD OF HAY. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N195) .

NW4, MANNINGS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N195)



NW5, DOLLY FOSSETTS WINE BAR. Delete "WINE BAR", not part of title. (N198)

NW5, DUKE OF ST ALBANS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N198)


NW6, BRIDGE TAVERN. Renamed BRIDGE (THE). John Smith: Bitter. Theakston: Best Bitter. Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. Plus 2 guest beers from small and independent breweries. Renovated as a S&N John Barras & Co theme pub. (N203)

NW6, PRIORY TAVERN. Courage: Best Bitter (£1.34 a pint). (N206)

NW6, SALUSBURY. Should read SALUSBURY TAVERN. Pub has expanded and address is now 50/52 Salusbury Road. (N207)

NW7, RAILWAY TAVERN. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N210)

NW8, BLENHEIM. Now sold as restaurant with same name. (N213)

NW8, CAFE GIOCONDA, 60 St Johns Wood High Street. Free House. No real ale. A cafe bar currently being converted into an ALL BAR ONE concept pub. Details to follow. Originally PORTLAND ARMS. Omitted in error.

NW8, CROWN. Now also displays subsidiary name JEWEL BRASSERIE IN THE CROWN. -Beers listed. +Mansfield: Old Baily. Beers vary. (N213)

NW8, KNIGHTS OF ST JOHN, 7 Queens Terrace. Wells, closed, future uncertain. Omitted in error.

NW8, MARLBOROUGH, 39 Abbey Road. Eldridge Pope: Norman Conquest. Flowers: Original Bitter. Greene King: Abbot Ale. Range changes constantly. Now a Free House although still displaying Charrington signs. For description see previous guide and U104. Omitted in error. NW8, ORDNANCE ARMS. Renamed ORDNANCE H removed, now converted to a cafe bar. Pun has never been owned by Sam Smith. (N215)

NW8, PHOENIX. Is a Wells pub acquired from Charrington in 1991. (N215)

NW8, PRINCESS ROYAL. +Fuller: London Pride. (N215)

NW8, SULLIVANS. Renamed LORD FRAMPTON. -Beers listed. +Wadworth: 6X. +Webster: Yorkshire Bitter. +Guest beer. A tenancy with reasonable prices. (N215)

NW9, BLACKBIRDS. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N217)

NW9, JESTERS, 458 Church Lane. No real ale. New Free House in former shop premises. Omitted.

NW9, KINGS ARMS. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N218)

NW9, MOON UNDER WATER. Address should read 10 Varley Parade, Edgware Road. (N218)

NW9, UPPER WELSH HARP, 109 The Broadway, West Hendon. No real ale. H unused. A Taylor Walker pub under threat of closure. Omitted in error.

NW9, WHITE LION OF MORTIMER, 256-258 The Broadway, West Hendon. Courage:Directors Bitter. Theakston: XB.Younger: Scotch Bitter (96p/pint). Guest beer. A large and spacious Wetherspoon Free House decorated in grand style complete with chandeliers. Non smoking area up steps to rear andseparate food bar upstairs. Patio at rear. Open all permitted hours. Omitted in error.

NW10, BRENNANS BAR, 228 High Street. Harlesden. No real ale. A Free House in former commercial premises. Formerly BAR (DOWNUNDER). Note correct address..

NW10, BUCCANEER. Is Labatts, not magic. (N221)

NW10, COACH & HORSES. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N221)

NW10, FINNIGANS WAKE. Should read FINNIGANS WAKE (SALS BAR). Address should read 249-253 Neasden Lane. SALS BAR at 249 interconnects with main pub at Nos 251-253. An Irish Free House in former shop premises (N222)

NW10, GREY HORSE. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N223)

NW10, HARBOUR ALE HOUSE, 429 High Road. Willesden. No real ale. A Free House in former shop premises. Omitted in error.

NW10, HENNELLYS FREE HOUSE. Reverted to STONEBRIDGE PARK, still fizz. (223) NW10, RAT & CARROT (THE CROWN), 335 High Road, Willesden. This entry has been confused with the previous entry for the RAT & CARROT (ex CROWN) in Harlesden. Delete reference to RAT & CARROT, the pub remains named CROWN and is now S&N, ex Grand Met (Courage) (not Magic). Delete all reference to the beers listed. Beers sold are:- Courage: Best Bitter and Theakston: Best Bitter. (N224)

NW10, SPOTTED DOG. Now S&N. ex Grand Met. (N225)

NW10, WHITE HART. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N225)

NW10, WHITE HORSE. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N225)


EDGWARE (HA8), FLYING EAGLE. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N256)

EDGWARE (HA8), MASONS ARMS. Address is 75 High Street (N257)

EDGWARE (HA8), PRINCE OF WALES. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N257)

EDGWARE (HA8), RAILWAY HOTEL. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N257)

EDGWARE (HA8), SMUGGLERS COVE. Renamed CRILI BAR. Now a McGowans Irish Free House. (N257)

EDGWARE (HA8), WHITE LION. Address is 435 Burnt Oak Broadway. Now S&N, ex Grand Met. (N257)