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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

London Drinker Magazine 2014

London Drinker Magazine 2014 Dec/Jan

On page 36 under Fuller’s news it is reported that the Griffin Trophy has been won by the Anglesey Arms in Brackenbury Village. The pub is of course the ANDOVER Arms.

London Drinker Magazine 2014 Oct/Nov

The House of Belgium advert was missing the link to the website in the printed copy -

London Drinker Magazine 2014 Aug/Sept

Page 22 article on The Harp's award does not state that it was a joint winner on par with the Cleveland Arms. It implies it was the single individual winner. for full details go to

London Drinker Magazine 2014 June/July

London Drinker Magazine 2014 Apr/May

Frank Baillie was the author of the ground-breaking the Beer Drinker's Companion (published 1973) and was a great influence on the fledgling CAMRA. He passed away recently at the age of 92 and at his funeral on 17 February 2014, the address was given jointly by Graham Lees and Michael Hardman, two of CAMRA's founder members. These are the original notes; the version actually delivered may have differed slightly. Frank requested that the beer for his wake should be Hop Back GFB and the brewery were proud to make a gift of a cask accordingly.

Obituary - Frank Baillie

London Drinker Magazine 2014 Feb/Mar

There is a piece in the magazine that there are rumours the Angel, Hayes is up for sale. Fuller's have told us "Not true!"