West Middlesex Branch

Pubf, Address & WhatPub linkWebsiteFacebookTwitterStatus
Aeronaut, 264 Acton High Street, W3 9BHWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Belvedere, 106 High Street, W3 6QXWebFacebookCLOSED
Bollo, 13 Bollo Lane, W4 5LRWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Castle, 140 Victoria Road, W3 6ULWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Chatsworth Bar, 290 High Street, W3 9BJWebFacebookOPEN
Collective Bar & Kitchen, Old Oak Lane, NW10 6EJWebFacebookOPEN
Duke of Sussex, 75 South Parade, W4 5LFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Fishermans Arms, 50 Old Oak Lane, NW10 6UBFacebookCLOSED
George & Dragon, 183 High Street, W3 9DJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Kings Head Hotel & Pub, 214 High Street, W3 9NXWebFacebookOPEN
Mendes (The Sheep Walk), 14 Market Place, W3 6QSFacebookOPEN
Red Lion & Pineapple, 281 High Street, W3 9BPWebOPEN
Rocket, 11 Churchfield Road, W3 6BDWebFacebookOPEN
Six Bells, 211 High Street, W3 9DDFacebookOPEN
Stag, 177 Acton Lane, W4 5DAOPEN
Station House, Station Buildings, Churchfield Road, W3 6BHWebFacebookOPEN
Swan, 1 Evershed Walk, 119 Acton Lane, W4 5HHWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Talbot, 1 Mill Hill Road, W3 8JPFacebookCLOSED
Tenpin Acton, Royale Leisure Park, Western Avenue, W3 0PAWebFacebookOPEN
Windmill, 50 High Street, W3 6LGFacebookTwitterOPEN
Wishing Well, 61 Old Oak Common Lane, W3 7DDWebFacebookOPEN
Ashbourne, 1-2 Ashbourne Parade, W5 3QUWebFacebookOPEN
Bar 8, 8 Hanger Green, W5 3ELOPEN
Beerkat, 38-39 The Broadway, W5 2NPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Benet Club, St Benedicts Church, Marchwood Crescent, W5 2DZWebCLOSED
Castle Inn, 36 St Marys Road, W5 5EUWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Cavalieri, 4 The Mall, W5 2PJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Drapers Arms, 25 High Street, W5 5DBWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Fox & Goose, Hanger Lane, W5 1DPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Grange Tavern, 29 The Common, W5 3XHWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Greystoke, 7 Queens Parade, W5 3HUWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Grove, 1 Ealing Green, W5 5QXWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Harrison's - Delicatessen & Vintners, 60 Pitshanger Lane, W5 1QYWebFacebookOPEN
Haven Arms, 33 Haven Lane, W5 2HZWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
ibis Styles London Ealing Hotel, 32-38 Uxbridge Road, W5 2BSWebFacebookCLOSED
Jonos, 13 Station Parade, Uxbridge Road, W5 3LDFacebookCLOSED
Kings Arms, 55 The Grove, W5 5DXWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Lodge Tavern, 53 The Mall, W5 3TAWebFacebookOPEN
New Inn, 62 St Marys Road, W5 5EXWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
No 17 Dickens Yard, Unit 17, Dickens Yard, Longfield Avenue, W5 2TDWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
North Star, 43 The Broadway, W5 5JNWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Plough, 297 Northfield Avenue, W5 4XBWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Red Lion, 13 St Marys Road, W5 5RAWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Roddy's Bar, 4 The Quadrant, Little Ealing Road, W5 4EEOPEN
Rose & Crown, Church Place, St Marys Road, W5 4HNWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Ryan's, 282 Northfield Avenue, W5 4UBOPEN
Shanakee, 9-10 Central Buildings, The Broadway, W5 2NTFacebookOPEN
Sir Michael Balcon, 46-47 The Mall, W5 3TJWebOPEN
Village Inn, 122-4 Pitshanger Lane, W5 1QPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
West Five, 25 Popes Lane, W5 4NTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Wheatsheaf, 41 Haven Lane, W5 2HZWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Boston, 7 Boston Parade, Boston Road, W7 2DGOPEN
Brent Valley Golf Course Bar, Brent Valley Golf Course, Church Road, W7 3BEWebFacebookCLOSED
Dodo Micropub, 52 Boston Road, W7 3TRWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Duke Of York, 161 Uxbridge Road, W7 3SPFacebookCLOSED
Fox, Green Lane, W7 2PJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Green W7, 13 Lower Boston Road, W7 3TXWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Grosvenor, 127 Oaklands Road, W7 2DTFacebookTwitterOPEN
Kings Arms, 110 Uxbridge Road, W7 3SUWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Lavins, 97 Uxbridge Road, W7 3STFacebookOPEN
Prince of Wales, 62 Boston Road, W7 3TRWebFacebookOPEN
Royal, Boston Road, W7 2AXWebFacebookOPEN
Viaduct, 221 Uxbridge Road, W7 3TDWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Village Inn, 66 Boston Road, W7 2ETOPEN
w7emporium, 60b Boston Road, W7 3TRFacebookTwitterOPEN
Weird Beard, Unit 5 Boston Business Park, W7 2QAWebFacebookTwitterT/D
Castlebar, 84 Uxbridge Road, W13 8RAWebFacebookOPEN
Drayton Court Hotel, 2 The Avenue, W13 8PHWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Duke Of Kent, 2 Scotch Common, W13 8DLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Forester, 2 Leighton Road, W13 9EPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Leather Saddle, 138 Broadway, W13 0TLFacebookOPEN
Mediterranean Kitchen, 78-80 Northfield Avenue, W13 9RRWebFacebookOPEN
O'Briens, 137 Uxbridge Road, W13 9AUFacebookOPEN
Old Hat, 128 Broadway, W13 0SYWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Owl & The Pussycat, 106 Northfield Avenue, W13 9RTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Players, 184 Northfield Avenue, W13 9SBOPEN
Prince Arthur, 123 Uxbridge Road, W13 9AUOPEN
Star & Scorpion, 94 Uxbridge Road, W13 8RAOPEN
Bar 86, 86 High Street, HA1 3LWWebFacebookOPEN
Blue Zenzer, 280 Watford Road, HA1 3TZWebFacebookOPEN
Castle, 30 West Street, HA1 3EFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Coffee 2 Cocktails, 51 High Stret, HA1 3HTWebFacebookOPEN
George, 269-271 Station Road, HA1 2TBWebFacebookOPEN
Junction, 8 Gayton Road, HA1 2DHWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Kingsfield Arms, 111 Bessborough Road, HA1 3DFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Moon On The Hill, 373-375 Station Road, HA1 2AWWebOPEN
Mumbai Junction, 231 Watford Rd, HA1 3TUWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
O'Neill's, 335-339 Station Road, HA1 2AAWebFacebookOPEN
Royal Oak, 86 St Anns Road, HA1 1JPWebFacebookOPEN
Trinity Bar, 380 Station Road, HA1 2DEWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Wards, 38-40 Lowlands Road, HA1 3ATOPEN
Blueroom Sports Venue, Headstone Lane, HA2 6NNWebFacebookOPEN
Horseshoe, 326 Eastcote Lane, HA2 9AJFacebookOPEN
Man of Aran, 424-426 Alexandra Avenue, HA2 9TWFacebookOPEN
Maya Pub, 3 Shaftesbury Parade, Shaftesbury Ave, HA2 0AJWebFacebookOPEN
McCafferty's Freehouse, 25 Broadwalk, Pinner Road, HA2 6EDWebFacebookOPEN
O'Donnell's, 399 Northolt Road, HA2 8JEFacebookOPEN
Salt Bar, 1 Roxeth Hill, HA2 0JYFacebookTwitterOPEN
Saras, 28 The Broadwalk, Pinner Road, HA2 6EDWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Shawl, 320 Northolt Road, HA2 8EEOPEN
Three Wishes, 19-20 The Broadwalk, Pinner Road, HA2 6EDFacebookOPEN
Tithe Farm Sports & Social Club, 151 Rayners Lane, HA2 0XHWebFacebookOPEN
White Horse, 50 Middle Road, HA2 0HLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Angie's V, 14 Station Parade, Kenton Lane, HA3 8SBFacebookOPEN
Barretts Freehouse, 9 Masons Ave, HA3 5AHFacebookOPEN
Beefeater, Kenton Road, HA3 8ATWebFacebookOPEN
Blue Ginger, 383 Kenton Road, HA3 0XSWebFacebookOPEN
Bombay Central, 328 High Road, HA3 6HSWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Buckley's Bar, 187 Streatfield Road, HA3 9DAFacebookOPEN
Cardamom Club, Belmont Circle, Kenton Lane, HA3 8RFWebFacebookOPEN
Case Is Altered, Old Redding, HA3 6SEWebFacebookOPEN
Circle Lounge, 12-13 Station Parade, Kenton Lane, HA3 8SBFacebookTwitterCLOSED
Cosy Bar, 6 Weald Lane, HA3 5ESOPEN
Dalys, 100 High Street, HA3 7AHFacebookCLOSED
Duck In The Pond, Kenton Lane, HA3 6AAWebFacebookOPEN
Frosty's, 404 Kenton Road, HA3 9DWFacebookOPEN
Grim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, HA3 6SHWebFacebookOPEN
Hare, Brookshill, HA3 6SDWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Laurels, 339 High Road, HA3 5EQFacebookOPEN
Leefe Robinson VC, 375 Uxbridge Road, HA3 6DLWebFacebookOPEN
Life Of Riley, 7a Warwick Parade, HA3 8SAFacebookOPEN
New Moon, 25-26 Kenton Park Parade, HA3 8DNWebOPEN
Seven, 749 Kenton Lane, HA3 6AWWebFacebookOPEN
Spice Klub, 60 Peel Road, HA3 7QUWebFacebookOPEN
TJ's Sports Bar, 108 High Street, HA3 7AHFacebookOPEN
Arens Bar & Grill (at the Six Bells), Duck Hills Road, HA4 7TPWebFacebookOPEN
Black Bull, Victoria Road, HA4 0EFWebFacebookOPEN
Cafe Rouge at the Swan, 10 High Street, HA4 7AWWebFacebookOPEN
Chiquito, 1 The Old Dairy, HA4 0FYWebFacebookCLOSED
Fairway, Ruislip Golf Centre, Ickenham Rd, HA4 7DQWebFacebookCLOSED
George, 2 High Street, HA4 7TJWebFacebookOPEN
Hennessys, 36 Victoria Road, HA4 0AGWebFacebookOPEN
Hop & Vine, 18 High Street, HA4 7ANFacebookTwitterOPEN
J.J. Moon's, 12 Victoria Road, HA4 0AAWebOPEN
Kho Kho (Kitchen & Bar), 101-3 High Street, HA4 8JNWebFacebookOPEN
Manor Bar, 68 Victoria Road, HA4 0AHFacebookOPEN
Masala Coal at the Bell, 298 West End Road, HA4 6LSWebFacebookOPEN
Middlesex Arms, Long Drive, HA4 0HGWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Orchard, Ickenham Road, HA4 7DRWebFacebookOPEN
Plough, 154 Bury Street, HA4 7THWebFacebookOPEN
Ruislip Social Club, Grosvenor Vale, HA4 6JQWebTwitterCLOSED
Smuggler's Cove, 153 High Street, HA4 8JYFacebookOPEN
Venue 5, 446 Field End Road, HA4 9PBWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Waters Edge, Reservoir Road, HA4 7TYWebFacebookOPEN
White Bear, Ickenham Road, HA4 7DFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Woodman, Breakspear Road, HA4 7SEWebFacebookOPEN
Arens (Bar & Restaurant at the Woodman), Joel Street, HA5 2PRWebFacebookTwitterCLOSED
Ascott, 144 Field End Road, HA5 1RJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Beer Asylum, No. 1 Red Lion Parade, Bridge Street, HA5 3JDWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Black Horse, Black Horse Parade, Eastcote High Road, HA5 2ENWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Captain Morgans, 210 Field End Road, HA5 1RDOPEN
Case Is Altered, Eastcote High Road, HA5 2EQWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Champers, 184 Field End Road, HA5 1RFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Geo Bar, 163 Field End Road, HA5 1QLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Moon & Sixpence, 250 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4HSWebOPEN
Oddfellows Arms, 2 Waxwell Lane, HA5 3ENFacebookTwitterOPEN
Pinner Arms, Whittington Way, HA5 5JSWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Queen's Head, 31 High Street, HA5 5PJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Sync, Rickmansworth Road, HA5 3TEWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Village Inn, 402-408 Rayners Lane, HA5 5DYWebOPEN
Gate, Rickmansworth Road, HA6 2RHWebFacebookOPEN
Locker Room, The Broadway, 29-31 Joel Street, HA6 1NZFacebookOPEN
Misty Moon, 27 Green Lane, HA6 2PXFacebookOPEN
Namaste Lounge, 66 Joel Street, HA6 1LLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Sahibs, 22 Joel Street, HA6 1PFFacebookOPEN
Canons Bar, Canons Hall, 1-17 Wemborough Road, HA7 2DUWebOPEN
Everest Abercorn, 78 Stanmore Hill, HA7 3BUWebFacebookOPEN
Everest Spice, 178 Honeypot Lane, HA7 1EFWebOPEN
Fusion Vibes, 897 Honeypot Lane, HA7 1ARWebFacebookOPEN
Purple Flame, 433-437 Honeypot Lane, HA7 1JJWebFacebookOPEN
Spice Rack Lounge, 35 Church Road, HA7 4ARWebFacebookOPEN
Jamesons, 34 South Parade, Mollison Way, HA8 5QLFacebookOPEN
Malibu Club, 119 High Street (1st floor), HA8 7DBFacebookOPEN
Moranos, 12 Station Parade, HA8 6RWWebFacebookOPEN
New Inn, 19 Burnt Oak Broadway, HA8 5LDOPEN
Trilogy Bar & Restaurant, 6-8 Whitchurch Parade 72-86 Whitchurch Lane, HA8 6LPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Zan Zi Bar, 113 High Street, HA8 7DBWebFacebookOPEN
182, 182-184 Preston Road, HA9 8PAWebFacebookOPEN
Arch, 324 Harrow Road, HA9 6LLWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Aroma Lounge, 96 Llanover Road, HA9 7LTWebFacebookOPEN
Balkan, 66C Ealing Road, HA0 4THFacebookOPEN
Black Horse, 1018 Harrow Rd, HA0 2QPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Blue Check, 12-13 Empire Parade, HA9 0RQWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Boxpark Wembley, Olympic Way, HA9 0NPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Corner House, 313 Harrow Road, HA9 6BAFacebookOPEN
Crock Of Gold, 23 Bridge Road, HA9 9ABFacebookOPEN
Diu Bar, 5 Heather Park Parade, HA0 1SLFacebookOPEN
Double 6 Sports Bar, 125 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HQFacebookOPEN
Flannery's Bar, 610-612 High Road, HA0 2AFOPEN
Fleadh, 278 Preston Road, HA3 0QACLOSED
Frankie & Benny's, Unit 100, Level 2, Wembley Park Boulevard, HA9 0FDWebFacebookOPEN
Fusilier, 652 Harrow Rd, HA0 2HAWebFacebookOPEN
Green Man Hotel, 64 Dagmar Avenue, HA9 8DFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Himalayan Club (Bar & Restaurant), 32-34 Watford Road, HA0 3EPWebOPEN
J.J. Moon's, 397 High Road, HA9 6AAWebOPEN
Liquor Station, 397a High Road, HA9 6AAWebFacebookOPEN
Nest (Bar & Dining), 104-106 Windermere Avenue, HA9 8RBOPEN
Panthers, 3-4 Glenmore Parade, HA0 4PJOPEN
Parish, 120 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HPOPEN
Powerleague Wembley, Yellow Car Park, Engineers Way, HA9 0EGWebCLOSED
Preston, 161 Preston Road, HA9 8NGWebFacebookOPEN
Rising Sun, 138 Greenford Road, HA1 3QLWebFacebookOPEN
Saffran, 551 High Road, HA0 2DWFacebookCLOSED
Savannah Lounge, 4 Lancelot Rd, Lancelot Parade, HA0 2AJWebFacebookOPEN
St Georges Hotel, 43-51 Wembley Hill Road, HA9 8AUWebFacebookOPEN
Stadium (Bar & Grill), 10 The Broadway, HA9 8JUFacebookCLOSED
Station 31, 299-301 Harrow Road, HA9 6BDWebFacebookOPEN
Swan, 789 Harrow Road, HA0 2LPWebOPEN
TGI Friday's, 1 Wembley Park Boulevard, HA9 0TGWebOPEN
Torch, 1 Bridge Road, HA9 9ABWebFacebookOPEN
Travelodge London Wembley High Road, High Road, HA9 7AJWebFacebookOPEN
Wembley Tavern, 121 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HGFacebookOPEN
Windermere, Windermere Avenue, HA9 8QTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Commission, Terminal 4 (Airside), TW6 3XAWebFacebookCLOSED
Crown Rivers, Terminal 5 Airside Level 1, TW6 2GAWebOPEN
Curator (Bar & Dining), Terminal 3 Airside, TW6 1AYWebCLOSED
Darwin, Terminal 3 Landside, TW6 1ADCLOSED
Flying Chariot, Terminal 2 Landside, TW6 1EWWebOPEN
George, Terminal 5 Landside Level 3 (Departures), TW6 2GACLOSED
Huxleys, Terminal 5 Airside Level 2, TW6 2GAWebCLOSED
London's Pride, Terminal 2 Airside, TW6 1EWWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Market Gardener, Terminal 3 Arrivals, Landside, TW6 1JSWebCLOSED
Pilots Bar & Kitchen, Terminal 5 Airside, TW6 2GAWebOPEN
Prince of Wales, Terminal 4 Airside, TW6 3XAWebCLOSED
Wetherspoon Express, Terminal 5B Airside, TW6 2GAWebCLOSED
Hambrough Tavern, The Broadway, UB1 1NGFacebookOPEN
Old Oak Tree, The Common, UB2 5PJWeb
Plough, 89 North Road, UB1 2JNOPEN
Plough, Tentelow Lane, UB2 4LGWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Prince Of Wales, 202 Western Road, UB2 5EDWebOPEN
Red Lion Hotel, 100 High Street, UB1 3DNOPEN
Scotsman, 96 Scotts Road, UB2 5DEWebFacebookOPEN
Underground Bar, 34A King Street, UB2 4DBOPEN
Wolf, 170 Norwood Road, UB2 4JSCLOSED
Adam & Eve, 830 Uxbridge Rd, UB4 0RRWebCLOSED
Beefeater, Millington Road, UB3 4AZWebFacebookOPEN
Botwell Inn, 25-29 Coldharbour Lane, UB3 3EBWebOPEN
Brook House, 240 Kingshill Ave, UB4 8BZWebFacebookOPEN
Captain Morgans, 9 Clayton Road, UB3 1AXFacebookOPEN
Carpenters, 1370 Uxbridge Rd, UB4 8JJOPEN
Grapes, 362 Uxbridge Road, UB4 0HFWebFacebookOPEN
Great Western, Dawley Road, UB3 1NFFacebookOPEN
Lock & Quay, Willowtree Marina, West Quay Drive, UB4 9TAWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Music Box, Bourne Avenue, UB3 1QTWebFacebookOPEN
Old Crown, 81 Station Road, UB3 4BGWebFacebookOPEN
Olde Crowne, 1090 Uxbridge Road, UB4 0RJWebFacebookOPEN
Pheasant Inn, 98 West End Lane, UB3 5LXWebOPEN
Pub Punjabi, 10-11 Broadway Parade, UB3 3HEOPEN
Wheatsheaf, 286 High Street, UB3 5DUOPEN
White Hart, 158 High Street, UB3 5DPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Wishing Well, 1250-1256 Uxbridge Road, UB4 8JFWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Civil Engineer, 500 Ruislip Road, UB5 6ATWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Crown, Ealing Road, UB5 6AAWebFacebookOPEN
Greenwood Hotel, 674 Whitton Avenue West, UB5 4LAWebOPEN
Mandeville Arms, 59 Mandeville Road, UB5 4LUWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Office, 17 Oldfield Circus, UB5 4RRFacebookOPEN
The Bar, 266 Church Road, UB5 5AWFacebook
Tyme On The Waterfront, 9 Higham Mews, UB5 6FPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Ballot Box, Horsenden Lane North, UB6 7QLWebFacebookOPEN
Belmullet Tavern, 2 Ruislip Road, UB6 9QNFacebookOPEN
Black Horse, 425 Oldfield Lane North, UB6 0ASWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Bridge Hotel, Western Avenue, UB6 8STWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Hare & Hounds, 229 Ruislip Road, UB6 9RZWebFacebookOPEN
Moloney's Bar, 1286 Greenford Road, UB6 0HHCLOSED
Myllet Arms, Western Avenue, UB6 8TEWebFacebookOPEN
Perivale Brewery, Horsenden Farm, Horsenden Lane North, UB6 7PQWebFacebookTwitterT/D
Railway, 390 Oldfield Lane North, UB6 0APWebFacebookOPEN
Three Wishes, 5 The Broadway, UB6 9PHFacebookOPEN
Wishing Well, 10 The Broadway, UB6 9PRWebFacebookOPEN
Yard, 1211 Greenford Road, UB6 0HYFacebookOPEN
Cat & Fiddle, 162 Rowan Road, UB7 7UFWebCLOSED
Crown, High Street, UB7 0AJFacebookOPEN
Crowne Plaza Heathrow, Stockley Road, UB7 9NAWebFacebookRED
De Burgh Arms, High Street, UB7 7DQFacebookOPEN
Five Bells, High Street, UB7 0AQOPEN
George & Dragon, 176 High Street, UB7 7BEWebFacebookOPEN
King William, 392 Sipson Road, UB7 0HTFacebookOPEN
Kings Arms, 593 Bath Road, UB7 0EEFacebookOPEN
Plough, Sipson Road, UB7 0HWFacebookTwitterOPEN
Railway Arms, 1 Station Road, UB7 7BTFacebookOPEN
Six Bells, 125 Station Road, UB7 7NDCLOSED
Three Magpies, Bath Road, TW6 2AUWebFacebookOPEN
White Horse, 530 Bath Road, UB7 0EEWebFacebookOPEN
Bar Italia, 120 High Street, UB8 1JTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Beefeater, 3 Riverside Way, UB8 2YFWebFacebookOPEN
Chiquito, INTU Uxbridge, High Street, UB8 1GEWebCLOSED
Crown, High Street, UB8 2NLFacebookTwitterOPEN
Crown & Treaty, 90 Oxford Road, UB8 1LUWebFacebookOPEN
Dolphin, 1 Rockingham Road, UB8 2UBFacebookOPEN
Fig Tree, 49 Windsor Street, UB8 1ABWebFacebookOPENBELM
Gardeners Arms, 119 Park Road, UB8 1NWWebFacebookOPEN
General Eliott, St Johns Road, UB8 2URWebFacebookOPEN
Good Yarn, 132 High Street, UB8 1JXWebOPEN
Hut, 2 Old Orchard Close, UB8 3LHWebOPEN
Load of Hay, 33 Villier Street, UB8 2PUFacebookOPEN
Malt Shovel, 63 Iver Lane, UB8 2JEWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Metropolitan Tavern, 8-9 Windsor Street, UB8 1ABWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Miller's Tap, 219-221 High Street, UB8 1LBWebFacebookOPEN
Pipemakers Arms, 58 St Johns Road, UB8 2UROPEN
Prince Of Wales, 1 Harlington Road, UB8 3HXWebFacebookOPEN
Queen's Head, 54 Windsor Street, UB8 1ABWebFacebookTwitterCLOSED
Red Lion Hotel, Royal Lane, UB8 3QPWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Swan & Bottle, 98 Oxford Road, UB8 1LZWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Three Steps, High Street, UB8 2DXFacebookOPEN
Three Tuns, 24 High Street, UB8 1JNWebFacebookOPEN
Uxbridge Sports Club, Park Road, UB8 1NRWebFacebookOPEN
Waters Edge, Packet Boat Lane, UB8 2JSWebFacebookOPEN
Whelan's, 135 High Street, UB8 1JXWebFacebookOPEN
Bear on the Barge, Moorhall Road, UB9 6PEWebFacebookOPEN
Breakspear Arms, Breakspear Road, UB9 6LTWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Harefield, 41 High Street, UB9 6BYFacebookTwitterOPEN
Kings Arms, 6 Park Lane, UB9 6BJFacebookOPEN
Old Orchard, Jacks Lane, off Park Lane, UB9 6HJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Coach & Horses, High Road, UB10 8LJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Home (Bar & Kitchen), 16 High Road, UB10 8LJWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Soldiers Return, 65 High Road, UB10 8LGWebFacebookCLOSED
Swallow, Long Lane, UB10 9NRFacebookOPEN
Tamara Lounge, Byron Parade, Uxbridge Road, UB10 0NAWebFacebookTwitterOPEN
Tichenham Inn, 11 Swakeleys Road, UB10 8DFWebOPEN
Vine Inn, 121 Hillingdon Hill, UB10 0JQWebFacebookOPEN